epiSTEMic research laboratory

engineering pedagogy in STEM integration contexts

about the epiSTEMic research laboratory

The epiSTEMic research laboratory is a group of dedicated researchers focused on improving K-12 STEM education, as well as postsecondary engineering education, through research on curriculum development, teacher professional development, and student learning in integrated STEM environments. The team includes Tamara Moore, Associate Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University, and her graduate students at Purdue and the University of Minnesota.

The epiSTEMic research laboratory explores issues related to integrated STEM education particularly where engineering is the focus. Our research pursuits are situated in the learning and teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields through the integration of these subjects in formal and non-formal learning environments. Many of the recent national reports, including Changing the Conversation, Engineering in K-12 Education: Understanding the Status and Improving the Prospects, and Successful K-12 STEM Education, have called for both an increase in the numbers of students entering STEM fields and an increase in STEM literacy for all. Since many of the problems that we face in our rapidly-changing, increasingly global society require the integration of multiple STEM concepts to address them, we believe that providing students with realistic and socially/culturally relevant contexts in which to learn STEM content also furthers their interests and motivation in these subjects. The epiSTEMic research laboratory particularly focuses on how engineering and engineering thinking promote learning in K-12 mathematics and science classrooms, as well as in higher-education engineering classrooms through the paradigm of STEM integration.

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Research Team

Tamara Moore   Tamara J. Moore, Ph.D. | Associate Professor | tamara@purdue.edu |765-496-9030 |

  Kristina M. Tank, Ph.D. | Post-Doc - University of Minnesota | kmtank@umn.edu |
                        Future Assistant Professor of Science Education at Iowa State University. Congrats,                                 Kristie!

  Aran W. Glancy | Ph.D. Candidate - University of Minnesota | aran@umn.edu |

Corey Mathis Corey A. Mathis | Ph.D. Student - Purdue University | mathisc@purdue.edu |

  Emilie A. Siverling | Ph.D. Student - Purdue University | esiverli@purdue.edu |