Terry S. Stewart

I am a Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics
in the Animal Sciences Department at Purdue University.

  • My research interests are outlined in the departmental home page information Terry's Research
  • I am member of the National Animal Germplasm Preservation and Utilization committee and serve as the Chairman of the Swine subcommittee.  To learn more about the US effort to preserve and protect our agricultural genetic resources, visit the NAGP web site
  • I also do cooperative research with animal scientist in Australia.  I work primarily with people at the  Tropical Beef Cattle Research Center with CSIRO and the Animal Breeding and Genetics Unit at the University of New England
  • I teach Animal Breeding and Genetics ANSC 311 and counsel Students (Purdue Catalogs).
  • My extension activity are related to genetics and animal breeding, I work mostly in swine but do interact with about all species of livestock. A group of us at Purdue were responsible for the creation of  STAGES , the National Genetic evaluation for swine.  I am also involved in the  Purdue Pork Page

You can reach me via e-mail at  tstewart@purdue.edu