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Cultural Days Festivities

Join us to celebrate the Childrens' Day on April 23rd at Centennial Mall! We'll have a tent full of authentic items, foods and games. Make sure you check us out :)

For detailed information please check this website


Our Mission

Since 1974, our organization aims to cherish and represent our country and culture at Purdue University. The memberships are not only for Turkish citizens since we welcome individuals from all nationalities. Our hope is to provide a second home away from home for our Turkish members while providing a diverse and stimulating experience for our non-Turkish members.

Besides the dinner events and social gatherings we organize for this purpose, this year we prepared the "For New Students" page to ease the transition process for our friends who are planning or just have come to US. These friends can contact us for further information. You can also find the advantages of being a TSA member from the "Membership" page. For events we are going to organize in near future, we recommend that you check the calendar on the "Events" page and add this calendar to your own.

Meet the Board

In 2013-2014 academiz calendar, these are the names of our friends who are going to be in the board:

President: Selin Mungan
Treasurer: Ilke Demir
Secretary: Mesut Uysal
Social Activities Coordinator: Ezgi Besikci
Publicity Chair: Sena Agim

TSA board

When you have an idea or a problem, these are the people you are going to contact. Please feel free to contact them and please approach them with kindness :)

Our Advisor

Prof Sozen

Prof Mete A. Sozen is going to be our advisor for this year. Prof. Sozen holds the Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering title in Civil Engineering Department in Purdue. For more information, you can visit his website.