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VSA April General Meeting – Elections!

With position shadowing in full effect, we will be taking nominations up until this event in which we will interview the nominees. You may nominate yourself or any other member .

The positions are as follows:

- Maintain general active management of the business of the organization.
- Ensure the effective action of the board in governing and supporting the
organization, and oversee board affairs.
- Act as the representative of the board as a whole.
- Ensure that board matters are handled properly,
including preparation of meeting materials,
functionality of committees, and recruitment and
orientation of new Board of Advisory members.

Vice President:
- Act as the as the President in the absence or inactivity of the President.
- Replace the President when the President fails to fulfill his or her duties.
- Shall always assist the President on the above or other specified duties.
- Oversee community service projects.
- Be in charge of all public relation issues.

- Manage the board’s review of and actions relating to its financial responsibilities.
- Manage all funds going in and out of the organization’s bank account
- Maintain records of financial transactions and standing.
- Sign checks and reimbursements.

- Keep minutes of all official board meetings, and provide it when necessary.
- File any certificate required by any statute, federal or state
- Give and serve all notices to members of the organization.

Please fill out the following form if you wish to nominate yourself, or another member for a position:
Nominations form

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