First Exercise: Religion in the Sixteenth Century
History 104 / for January 28, 2013

Please see the General Guidelines for overall instructions on how to prepare this assignment. Address both questions outlined below.

This exercise asks you to refer to the document readings from the first two weeks of the course. It’s entirely up to you which specific passages from the Brophy reader you wish to cite, though of course it’s in your interest to display a broad familiarity with the material assigned.

1. How central a role was religion expected to play in the lives of individual Christians during the 16th Century, according to the authors we have read? Do you see a sharp difference between Protestants and Catholics when it came to the high expectations placed on pastors and on everyday believers? Give evidence from the readings.

2. What do these authors have to say about the origins or basis of their perspectives? In other words, what kinds of wisdom or authority (past or present) do they invoke in justifying their views? Again, do you see a difference between Protestants and Catholics in this respect? Explain.