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History 104 / Spring 2013

Lecture outlines, first module [PDF]

General Guidelines for the Written Exercises [PDF]

First Exercise: Religion in the 16th Century (due January 28)

Second Exercise: Revolutions in Science and Political Theory (due February 8)

Timeline: Key Moments in the French Revolution

The "Missing Lecture": Part II of the French Revolution
(Wednesday, Feb. 13)

First Midterm Prep Sheet (for February 18)

Lecture outlines, second module [PDF]

Third Exercise: Capitalism and Nationalism in the 19th Century (due March 20)

Lecture outlines, third module [PDF]

Second Midterm Prep Sheet (for April 1)

Fourth Exercise: Violence and Militancy in the 20th Century (for April 10)

Fifth Exercise: Surviving (or Overcoming) Subjection (for April 26)

Final Exam Prep Sheet (for May 1 or 3)