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Josef Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Classical Era
History 104 / February 8, 2013

I. Art and architecture in the classical era
         A. Classical discoveries: the Grand Tour
         B. Classical architecture
         C. Classical history: the Roman ideal
         D. The vogue for naturalness
                  1. Out in nature
                  2. The English garden
                  3. Maternity and breast-feeding
II. Music in the classical style (ca. 1750-1810)
         A. Basic features
                  1. Single melodic line
                  2. Balanced patterns, with pauses for breath
         B. Leading composers
                  1. Josef Haydn
                  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
         C. A new genre: the symphony
                  1. Four movements
                  2. Expectation of serious listening
         D. Two contrasting operas by Mozart
                  1. The Marriage of Figaro (premieres 1786)
                  2. The Magic Flute (premieres 1791)