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coup d’etat

Napoleon – Revolutionary Conqueror
History 104 / February 15, 2013

I. Consolidating the revolution at home
          A. The Eighteenth of Brumaire (Nov. 9, 1799)
                   1. From the Directory to the Consulate
                   2. From “First Consul” to “Consul for Life”
          B. Legal and administrative achievements
                   1. Government by prefects
                   2. The Napoleonic Code
                   3. Elements of meritocracy
          C. Reconciliation with Rome: the Concordat (1801)
                   1. Priests swear oaths to the French nation
                   2. Catholicism as a state religion
          D. Napoleon as Emperor (1804)
II. Carrying the “Revolution” forward
          A. Sharing the benefits of France’s wisdom
          B. The global conflict with Britain
          C. Reorganizing Germany
          D. Napoleon’s “Continental System”
                   1. The Continent blockaded against Britain
                   2. A network of alliances and client states
III. French domination crumbles
          A. Stirrings of nationalism
                   1. The uprising in Spain
                   2. Germans rally behind Prussia
          B. The debacle in Russia
          C. Napoleon meets his Waterloo