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Frederick William IV
   • King of Prussia, 1848-1861
Francis Joseph
   • Emperor of Austria, 1848-1916
Pius IX
   • Pope, 1846-1878
Louis Napoleon, a. k. a. Napoleon III
   • Pres. of France’s 2nd Republic, 1848-51
   • Emperor, 1851-70


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Liberal revolutions
History 104 / March 1, 2013

I. France in 1848
          A. The February revolution
                   1. The deficiencies of the July Monarchy
                   2. From banquets to street protests
                   3. The provisional government
                   4. National workshops
          B. “June Days”: the unemployed to the barricades
II. Central Europe in 1848
          A. March madness
                   1. Revolutions in Vienna & Berlin
                   2. Uprisings in the Italian states
          B. Conflicting aims during the “springtime of peoples”
                   1. The Frankfurt Parliament (May 1848 – May 1849)
                   2. The Pan-Slav Congress in Prague (June 1848)
                   3. Hungary’s declaration of independence (April 1849)
III. The return to authority
          A. Monarchs re-assert authority in Central Europe
                   1. Violence in Vienna
                   2. Mopping up in Berlin
                   3. French and Austrian intervention in Italy
                   4. Russian intervention in Hungary
          B. France slides into a “Bonapartist” dictatorship
                   1. The Presidential election of Dec. 10, 1848
                   2. Restrictions on political and voting rights
                   3. Another “18th Brumaire”? (Dec. 2, 1851)