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Count Camillo di Cavour
   • Prime Minister of Piedmont, 1852-61
Giuseppi Garibaldi, nationalist adventurer
Otto von Bismarck
   • Chancellor of Prussia, 1862-70
   • Chancellor of Germany, 1871-90
Wilhelm I
   • King of Prussia, 1861-88
   • German Emperor, 1871-88



Uniting Nations – By Force
History 104 / March 6, 2013

I. Napoleon III, the unlikely friend of nationalism
          A. Plebiscites and dictatorship
          B. Adventures abroad
          C. Modernizing Paris – for counter-revolutionary purposes
II. Uniting Italy
          A. Piedmont, the military backbone
          B. War against Austria, 1859
          C. Garibaldi’s Sicily campaign
          D. The Kingdom of Italy proclaimed, 1861
III. Uniting Germany
          A. The constitutional crisis in Prussia
          B. Bismarck, the “blood and iron” Chancellor
          C. Three wars in seven years
                   1. vs. Denmark, 1864
                   2. vs. Austria, 1866
                   3. vs. France, 1870-71
          D. The character of united Germany
                   1. Liberalism subordinated to nationalism
                   2. Military and noble elites set the tone
IV. Austria-Hungary: creating the Dual Monarchy
          A. Nationalism as a danger
          B. The Compromise of 1867
                   1. Saves the monarchy…
                   2. … but creates a dangerous precedent
V. Conclusion: Europe destabilized by nationalism