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Opium War
Suez Canal
Boxer Rebellion
Meiji Restoration

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The New Imperialism
History 104 / March 8, 2013

I. Britain in world markets
          A. Britain in Asia
                   1. Consolidating control over India
                   2. The Opium War (1839-42): breaking into China
          B. The Dominions: a smashing success
          C. Latin America: the "imperialism of free trade"
          D. Britain in the Middle East
                   1. The Suez Canal (with France)
                   2. Egypt's debt -> English control (1882)
II. Continental Europe bids for greater control
          A. Scrambling for Africa
                   1. Leopold II dabbles in the Congo
                   2. The Berlin Conference (1884)
                   3. French control extended into West Africa
          B. Asian entanglements
                   1. France takes over Indochina (1884-85)
                   2. China: from an “open door” to spheres of influence
                    3. Japan's rise to power
III. Militarizing the colonial rivalries
          A. The "Great Game" in Central Asia (Britain vs. Russia)
          B. Colonizing Manchuria (Russia vs. Japan)
                   1. The Trans-Siberian Railroad
                   2. The Anglo-Japanese Treaty (1902)
                   3. The Russo-Japanese War (1904-5)
          C. Complications in Africa
                   1. Italy's defeat at Adowa (1896)
                   2. Showdown at Fashoda (1898)
                   3. The Boer War (1899-1902)
                   4. Germans slaughter the Herero (1904-7)