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Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)
Nicholas II (Tsar of Russia, 1894-1917)
Wilhelm II (Kaiser of Germany, 1888-1918)
Franz Ferdinand (1863-1914)


Triple Entente
Schlieffen Plan

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Herzl, from The Jewish State

The Onset of War
History 104 / March 25, 2013

I. Domestic conflicts intensify
          A. France: the Dreyfus Affair
          B. Germany: the phenomenal growth of the SPD
          C. Russia's near-revolution in 1905
          D. Austria-Hungary: inter-ethnic strife
                   1. Polarization between Czechs and Germans
                   2. The "South Slav" problem
II. Continental rivalries eclipse colonial ones
          A. Austria-Hungary vs. Russia
                   1. The disintegration of the Ottoman Empire
                   2. Aggressive new states in the Balkans
                             > Russian support for Serbia
          B. Germany vs. its western neighbors
                   1. The feud over Alsace-Lorraine
                   2. Challenging Britain: Germany's battle fleet
          C. Two rival alliances
                   1. The Triple Entente
                   2. The Triple Alliance
          D. Intimations of the coming conflict
                   1. From sea to land: an arms race on the continent
                   2. War imagined: invasion fantasies
                   3. Three years of messy Balkan wars, 1911-13
III. World War in four easy steps
          A. Austria declares war on Serbia
          B. Russia mobilizes against Austria – and Germany
          C. Germany’s “Schlieffen Plan” leads to an invasion of France
          D. Britain declares war