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Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
Operation Barbarossa
Commissar Order

A Second World War
History 104 / April 15, 2013

I. Why another war?
        A. For the main aggressors, the Axis Powers:
              1. “Justice” – and revenge
              2.  Lebensraum and control over resources
              3. War on Bolshevism?
        B. For the Allies:
              1. War on aggression
              2. War on closed autarkic empires
              3. War on racism?
II. War engulfs Europe and Asia
       A. Hitler seizes the initiative in W. Europe (1940)
       B. “Operation Barbarossa” in Eastern Europe (1941)
              1. Hitler’s helpers in Eastern Europe
              2. Collaborators in Western Europe
       C. Japan’s quest for autarky & domination in Asia
III. War without mercy
       A. Mistreatment of POWs
              1. Germany’s “Commissar Order”
              2. POWs as laborers
       B. War vs. “partisans” targets civilian populations
       C. Racially motivated slaughter
       D. Bombings of civilians
       E. A glimmer of hope -- the poison gas question
IV. Lasting effects
       A. New international norms
       B. The “ethnic cleansing” of Eastern Europe
       C. Domestic politics: nationalism (mostly) discredited
       D. Soviet and American power in Europe