UN Special Organizations: A sampling

FAO = Food and Agricultural Organization
                (founded: 1945; HQ: Rome, since 1951)

IBRD = International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
                (founded: 1945; HQ: Washington, DC)

ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization
                (founded: 1940s; HQ: Montreal)

IMF = International Monetary Fund
                (founded: 1945; HQ: Washington, DC)

ILO = International Labor Organization
                (founded: 1919; HQ: Geneva)

WHO = World Health Organization
                (founded: 1948; HQ: Geneva)

WMO = World Meteorological Organization
                (founded: 1950; HQ: Geneva)

UNESCO = UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
                (founded: 1945; HQ: Paris)

UPU = Universal Postal Union
                (founded: 1874; HQ: Bern)