Organs of the General Assembly (a sample)

UNCTAD = UN Conference on Trade and Development
                      (founded: 1964; HQ: Geneva)

UNDP = UN Development Programme
                      (founded: 1965; HQ: New York)
                      (produces annual Human Development Report)

UNEP = UN Environmental Program
                      (founded: 1972; HQ: Nairobi)

UNCHR = UN Commission on Human Rights
                (replaced in 2006 by OHCHR, the Office of the UN High Commissioner
                for Human Rights; HQ: Geneva)

UNHCR = UN High Commissioner on Refugees
                      (founded: 1950; HQ: Geneva)

UNICEF = UN Children's Fund
                      (founded: 1946; HQ: New York)

UNRRA = UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
                      (operated 1945-1949)

= UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees
                      (founded: 1949; HQ: Gaza/Amman)

WFP = World Food Programme
                      (founded: 1962; HQ: Rome)

WTO = World Trade Organization
                      (founded: 1995; HQ: Geneva)