Baltasar Garzón

Milosevic Trial Public Archive

Seeking Justice: The Hague & Beyond
History 300 / November 21, 2013

I. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
            A. Inspiration
            B. Authorization
            C. Bureaucratic complications
                        1. Getting good staff
                        2. Securing adequate funding
            D. Legal complications
                        1. Harmonizing Continental & Anglo-Saxon traditions
                        2. Legal foundation: Geneva Conventions of 1949
            E. Logistical complications
II. Balancing “justice” and “peace”: the ICTY in action
            A. The Dayton Accords (1995)
            B. Trials of some “small fish”
            C. Indicting the “big fish” in absentia
                        1. “Rule 61” hearings
                        2. Karadzic, Mladic on the loose for a decade
            D. Demonstrating fairness: the Celebici trial
            E. Milosevic on the stand
III. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
            A. Inspiration
            B. Authorization
            C. Political complications
            D. Logistical complications
            E. NGOs help to push the prosecution in new directions
IV. Further initiatives
            A. Activism by European judges
            B. The Special Court for Sierra Leone
                       > indictment of Charles Taylor, June 2003
            C. A hybrid court: the Extraordinary Chambers
                        in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)
            D. The International Criminal Court (ICC)
                        1. Origins and statute
                        2. Jurisdiction
                        3. Indictments and trials to date
                           > arrest warrant vs. Omar al-Bashir, March 2009
V. Conclusions: what good are these tribunals?
            A. Deterrent effect minimal
            B. The potential for counter-productive results
            C. Closure on the ground?
            D. Creating new international law

UNSC 808
(Feb. 22, 1993)

UNSC 955

(Nov. 8, 1994)

Further reading
Elizabeth Neuffer, The Key to My Neighbor's House: Seeking Justice in Bosnia and Rwanda (Picador, 2001)