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The "Live Aid" Effect & Intervention in Somalia
History 300 / November 12, 2013

I. Introduction: failed states and the world community
II. The “Live Aid” effect
            A. The explosion in global media
            B. Famine in the Horn of Africa, 1984-86
            C. “Band Aid” scores a hit
            D. The “Live Aid” concert (July 13, 1985)
            E. The downsides to pity-driven fundraising
III. America pressed into action in Somalia, 1992
            A. Humanitarian assistance by international organizations
            B. Establishing UNOSOM
            C. Operation Provide Relief: America's airlifts from Mombasa
            D. Operation Restore Hope: The December deployment
IV. The UN mission unravels, 1993
            A. UNOSOM II and the war against Aideed
            B. “Black Hawk Down”: America's day of shame
            C. The UN pulls out

1992 Resolutions
UNSC 733 (1/23)
UNSC 751 (4/24)
UNSC 775 (8/28)
UNSC 794 (12/3)

1993 Resolutions
UNSC 814 (3/26)
UNSC 837 (6/6)
UNSC 865 (9/22)