William Glenn Gray Trading Power

Chapter Titles

  1. 1.The Unraveling of Adenauer’s Grand Strategy (1962-63)

  2. 2.America’s Junior Partner (1963-64)

  3. 3.Twenty Years After (1964-65)

  4. 4.The Stability Imperative (1965-66)

  5. 5.Gaullist Temptations (1966-68)

  6. 6.The Magnetism of Prosperity (1967-68)

  7. 7.Brandt’s Diplomatic Revolution (1968-70)

  8. 8.The European Pillar (1969-71)

  9. 9.Bonn’s Liberal Democracy (1970-72)

  10. 10. A World Breaks Apart (1972-73)

  11. 11. A Harder Line (1973-74)

  12. 12. Schmidt in Command (1974-75)


Somehow, I never quite imagined working for eight years on my second monograph; but each chapter of this project has a distinctly revisionist thrust, and I’ve immersed myself in primary sources in order to view the 1960s and 1970s through fresh eyes.

Click here for a five-page project description in PDF form; it’s somewhat dated now, but it summarizes the principal themes of the book.

The titles on the right are provisional. I’ve completed the first seven chapters; the other five are in the works. If you’re potentially interested in reading and commenting on some chapter or other, let me know!


West Germany’s Rise to Global Influence