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Before anything else...I would like to thank the hundreds of students who have taken my classes. You have been a source of amazement, challenge, enjoyment, mission, and entertainment all these years. I hope that in some way I have made your life better...and if I haven't at least you did not gain weight in the class.

You might not realize it but I would love to hear from you as you journey through life.


E-Retailing (CSR 406)-  In this undergraduate class we look at the strategic issues using the Internet channel to better serve customers. The Internet is the latest addition to the puzzle of trying to be there when and how customers want you. Students are pushed to developed an understanding of the strategic issues of  becoming "e" whether you are a profit or not for profit business.

     The course outline explains things better.

     By the way...interested in the general area of customer the hundreds of sayings we have collected on customer sat.  (If you have one you want to include e-mail it to me.

 Consumer Behavior (CSR 331)- This course provides you with (1) theory about consumer behavior (CB) and (2) an understanding of how CB concepts can be applied to marketing management, to our roles as consumers, and to everyday life and personal development.  CB uses concepts, theories, and principles from the various social (behavioral) sciences to understand factors influencing the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of products (goods, services, ideas, and any other object of exchange). 

CB is one of the most exciting areas in the study of marketing!  Every day, all around us, the use of various marketing mix tools to inform, persuade, and influence our purchase decisions competes with other stimuli for our attention—and our hard-earned money!  In studying CB, you will understand how marketers identify and exploit various sources of influence—from learning about the way we think and process marketplace information to how our product, brand, and store choices are shaped by our relationships with others, even by our dreams and aspirations.

The primary course goal is to provide you with a viable executive-level understanding of CB, which is important for marketing managers as well as public policy makers.  Quite simply, in order to develop want-satisfying products, as well as an effective marketing program (and, for public policy makers, effective consumer protection), knowledge of CB is necessary.  Course applications are primarily from the marketing manager's perspective in marketing consumer products, with special emphasis on advertising and promotion as well as new product development.

          -course outline

Leadership (CSR 309)- We teach biology...we teach history...english..philosophy...phys ed...and in doing so define what we consider to be important in life. Well...these things are secondary (my humble opinion) to leadership.  The decisions we make that effect our life and the lives of people around us define the state of things...not whether we learned algebra. Leadership is.....

    This is a most unusual course...just ask the students.

     The course outline gives you a sense...

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