Interested and Hobbies:

I amvery boring and inclined to do absolute nothing. If not for Fran, I would have more in common with Howard Hughes (the later years).

To entertain you I have 3 commercials:

#1 - This one reminds us that customer satisfaction ist he most important goal for a company and that we depend on our front line people to deliver it. Movie clip that I call "service-bra".

#2 - Leaders have a mission, focus, and are not afraid to pursue it. Meet Terry Tate, man with a mission.

#3 - Finally for all of you who have always wondered how you are going to prove that you can do it, do you have a portfolio of accomplishments that tell others who you are? What you can do? What you stand for? Meet the Donkey who always wanted to be a Clydesdale.