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Durability and Performance of Civil Engineering Materials





Interaction of Chloride-Based Deicing Salts with Concrete.


U.S. infrastructure continues to decay at an alarming rate, as exemplified by the low grades consistently awarded by the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card. While there are many contributors to the decay and degradation of our nation's transportation infrastructure, one that cannot be overlooked in many states is the annual winter application of deicing salts.


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Yaghoob Farnam Receives 2014 J.P. Gleason Fellowship Award!


Yaghoob Farnam, PhD Candidate in the Civil Engineering Materials Group, has been named a recipient of the 2014 PCA Education Foundation J. P. Gleason Fellowship. The support provided by the Education Foundation is used to identify and attract outstanding candidates in the field of the cement and concrete. Yaghoob is one of four students who were selected in 2014 for this prestigious award.


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Road Salt is Worse Than You Think!


We use road salt to melt ice after a snowstorm, but is it bad for the environment?


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