George Toh


I am a Purdue University graduate student working on Parity NonConservation (PNC) measurements in Cesium. I have also done precision spectroscopy on certain transition levels in atomic cesium.


Purdue University

Major: PhD in Electrical Engineering, ongoing

Major: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, expected Dec 2015

National University of Singapore

Major: BEng Electrical Engineering, May 2010


Technical skills

Certified LABVIEW Associate Developer, MATLAB, OriginPro, Mathematica, EAGLE, Altium, AutoCAD, C, C++, Assembly, Python, VHDL, Adobe Creative Suite


Coherent and Quantum Optics LabGraduate Researcher - 2011-

  • Built, stabilized and maintained external cavity diode lasers for use in high precision measurements
  • Designed and constructed a high finesse optical cavity for progress towards parity non-conservation experiment
  • Maintained cesium oven and high vacuum chamber used for related experiments
  • Measured the scalar and tensor Stark polarizabilities in a cesium atomic beam
  • Designed and assembled an op-amp PID controller for Pound-Drever-Hall laser frequency stabilization

Digital Systems Senior Design - ECE 477 Graduate TA - 2011-

  • Guide student teams through product design stage to steer them towards well thought out products
  • Supervise design of printed circuit board (PCB) layouts to ensure teams have functional PCBs
  • Grade and provide feedback on weekly homework and progress reports
  • Consult on technical issues during testing and debugging phase

UE-Tradetec (Singapore) Intern - 2008

  • Designed electrical distribution layout for Singapore's National Day Parade 2008
  • Communicated and worked closely with clients to ensure their electrical needs were met
  • Project planner for deployment of power generators to the 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix event site
  • Created a custom (internal) user manual for the Deif Basic Genset Controller

Singapore Armed Forces Administrative Support Assistant - 2004-2006

  • Assisted Manpower Officer in disbursement of welfare to battalion of 700 men
  • Accounted for and helped manage the battalion's Welfare Fund
  • Acted on behalf of the Manpower Officer for procurement of services for large events such as anniversary dinners and graduation functions
Sky Diving
George Toh, D. Antypas, D. S. Elliott. Measurement of the Stark shift of the 6s2S1/2→7p2PJ transitions in atomic cesium