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Meeting Dates Fall 2010

Please do not bring pets to meetings when we have a guest who will be bringing animals with them
Date Time Topic Location
Tues 9/7 7pm Callout - Columbian Park zoo will be speaking and bringing fun critters. Smith 108
Tues 9/21 7pm

Dr. Goforth will speak about conservation and what is going on down in the Gulf right now with the oil spill.

Smith 118

Tues 10/5

7pm Dr. Becker is visiting to discuss exotic veternary medicine. Smith 118
Tues 10/19 7pm Dr.Williams will be adressing Herpetology (study of reptiles and amphibians). Smith 118
Tues 11/2 7pm Dr. Waser will join us to speak about primates. Smith 118
Tues 11/16 7pm Dr. Dunning will be talking about birds. Smith 118
Tues 11/30 TBA possible fundraise/ social :) TBA
Tues 12/7 TBA Dead week/end the semester wrap up get together/social. TBA

Contact us for more information at purdue_zoo_club@yahoo.com.

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