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Officers 2010-2011

  Role Name Major Bio
President Chris Animal Sciences/Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Minor in Biology. I am currently a junior, I have worked for a few different Veterinary Clinics, and have volunteered at Columbia Park Zoo. I hope to apply for Veterinary School this year, and hope to get in either this year or next.
Vice President Lindsay Wildlife Pre-Vet I just finished a zookeeping internship at the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, IN. I have also worked at the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette and several different animal clinics as a veterinary assistant.
Treasurer Colleen Double major in Wildlife and Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences. After traveling to Michigan this past summer for the Fisheries Summer Practicum, I hope to either get an internship next summer as an Aquarist or in Conservation Education. I love all fish, especially sharks!
  Secretary Amanda Animal Science behavior wellbeing, minors are wildlife sciences and aquadic animals and fisheries. I volunteer at columbian park zoo. I love orca whales and if someone would put me on a boat and let me study them all day they wouldnt even have to pay me cuz lets be honest that would be SUPER cool. Music is probably my thing in all shapes and forms.
  Historian/Ag Council Olivia Animal Science Behavior and Well-Being. I volunteer at the Columbian Park Zoo as well as the Indianapolis Zoo. Elephants are my favorite animals and the only animals with four forward-facing knees. Photography is my passion, and I one day hope to become a wildlife photographer.
  Fundraiser Co-chair Brad Biology Pre-vet I am currently a sophomore and have worked at amazing places such as the University of Cinnci's Endocrinology research lab and at Purdue's Vet-school's Oncology department. I have also done some work at Indianpolis Zoo. I like animals and if I had to say one kind of animal that I liked alot it would probably be Tapirs... they rock
Fundraiser Co-chair Heather Biochemistry Pre-vet I am a senior looking forward to vet school. I have volunteered at Columbian Park zoo and do research work here at Purdue. I studied abroad in Australia last year and it was AMAZING! I hope to go back to do more research.

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