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Trips and Events Fall 2010

***THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION as we all start the new semester. These are tentative trips that are being planned. The dates are set but the times are still being worked out. We appreciate your cooperation and hope to get this all worked out soon. :) ****
Date Time Event Location


Sept 19th



Volunteer day (1-4)

Volunteer- CPZ

Social- Smith 108

Sept 25th/26th TBA Weekend Trip The Wilds in Cumberland OH and Columbus Zoo on the 26th
TBA TBA TBA Exotic Feline Rescue Center
Oct 3rd 1-4 pmVolunteer day Columbian Park Zoo
Oct 16th or/and Oct 17th TBA Day trip/ weekend trip?Red Wolf Sanctuary
Oct 20th-22nd TBA Boo at the zoo Columbian Park Zoo
Nov 6th TBA Day trip Black Pine
Saturday Nov.13th/ Nov 14th TBA Possible movie nights/ wolf park howl nights somewhere doing fun things :)

**** We are plannig a club movie night and a night to go to Wolf Park for a howl night this semester as well.

***Boo at the zoo is a fun event in which we will be asking for volunteers to help CPZ run the events in shifts.

This is a tentative schedule which may change. The specific times and
  details will be announced prior to the trips.

  Contact us for more information at purdue_zoo_club@yahoo.com.

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