Online Puzzles

I'll put some of my puzzle stuff up here sometime, but for now, you can go visit some of my favorite puzzle sites. I try to keep this a "best in class" sort of list instead of putting every site I've found in.


"But what about sudoku, ab, or are you too cool for that?" No, just too cool to play online. I can't recommend Sudoku Susser enough. I do all those there. It can fetch some from the web, or you can import them from graphics(!) or text from web sites.

And RTFM. Seriously. Sudoku Susser has made me an inhuman sudoku-solving machine, and it's because I read the fine manual.


I don't like doing crosswords online. Really don't. A lot. And many of the puzzles you can get aren't very good. (Automation has allowed the talentless to get farther than they should.) Here are some that are good and printable. Some have .puz versions that work in Across Lite, which will let you print them (or do them on the screen). Or you can do them online if you're one of those people:


Stumped, huh? Here are some great ways to get help: