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    Infrastructure Materials Engineering

  1. Behnood, A. Modiri Gharehveran, M., Morphology, rheology, and mechanical properties of polymer modified asphalt binders– A Review. European Polymer Journal.
  2. Mohammadi-Golafshani, E., Behnood, A. 2019. Estimating the optimal mix design of silica fume concrete using biogeography-based programming. Cement and Concrete Composites 96, 95-105. 
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  6. Mohammadi-Golafshani, E, Behnood, A., 2018. Automatic regression methods for formulation of elastic modulus of recycled aggregate concrete. Applied Soft Computing 64, 377-400. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.asoc.2017.12.030
  7. Mohammadi-Golafshani, E, Behnood, A., 2018. Application of soft computing methods for predicting the elastic modulus of recycled aggregate concrete. Cleaner Production 176, 1163-1176. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.11.186
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  11. Behnood, A., Modiri Gharehveran, M., Roshandeh, A.M., 2016. The effects of drivers’ behavior on driver-injury severities in Iran: An application of the mixed-logit mode. Scientia Iranica, 23(6), 2429-2440.
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  14. Behnood, A., Modiri Gharehveran, M., Gozali Asl, F., Ameri, M., 2015. Effects of copper slag and recycled concrete aggregate on the properties of CIR mixes with bitumen emulsion, rice husk ash, Portland cement, and fly ash. Construction and Building Materials 96, 172-180. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2015.08.021
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     Transportation Engineering

  1. Behnood, A., Mannering, F., 2017. Determinants of bicyclist injury severities in bicycle-vehicle crashes: A random parameters approach with heterogeneity in means and variances. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 16, 35-47. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amar.2017.08.001
  2. Behnood, A., Mannering, F., 2017. The effect of passengers on driver-injury severities in single-vehicle accidents: A random parameters heterogeneity-in-means approach. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 14, 41-54.
  3. Behnood, A., Mannering, F., 2017. The effects of drug and alcohol consumption on driver-injury severities in single-vehicle crashes. Traffic Injury Prevention 18(5), 456-462. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15389588.2016.1262540
  4. Behnood, A., Mannering, F., 2016. An empirical assessment of the effects of economic recessions on pedestrian-injury crashes using mixed and latent-class models.  Analytic Methods in Accident Research 12, 1-17. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.amar.2016.07.002
  5. Roshandeh, A.M. Zhou, B., Behnood, A., 2016. Analyzing the Contributing Factors on Hit-and-Run Crashes Involved with Distracted and Non-Distracted Drivers. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 38, 22-28.
  6. Behnood, A., Mannering, F.L., 2015. The temporal stability of factors affecting driverinjury severities in single-vehicle crashes: Some empirical evidence. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 8, 7-32. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.amar.2015.08.001
  7. Behnood, A., Mannering, F.L., 2014. Latent class analysis of the effects of age, gender, and alcohol consumption on driver-injury severities. Analytic Methods in Accident Research 3-4, 56-91. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.amar.2014.10.001

Journal Papers Submitted and Under Review


    Conference Papers and Presentations

    1. Verian, K.P., Behnood, A., Olek, J., October 2015. The Effects of Deicers to Pavement Concrete with Slag Aggregate under Freezing-Thawing and Wetting-Drying Conditions. In: The 14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Beijing, China.
    2. Behnood, A., Olek, J., Glinicki, M.A., September 2015. Predicting compressive strength of recycled aggregate concrete using M5′ model. In: 11th International Symposium on Brittle Matrix Composites (BMC), Warsaw, Poland, 381-391.
    3. Behnood, A.*, Olek, J., Glinicki, M.A., 2014. Application of Soft Computing Methods in Predicting the Elastic Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete. In: 4th International Conference on the Durability of Concrete Structures, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
    4. Miller, A., Spragg, R., Antico, F., Ashraf, W., Barrett, T., Behnood, A., Bu, Y., Chiu, Y., Desta, B., Farnam, Y., Jeong, H., Jones, W., Lucero, C., Luo, D., Macobatti, F., Nickel, C., Panchmatia, P., Verian, K.P., Qiang, S., Qiao, C., Shagerdi, H., Tian, Q., Tokpotayeva, R., Vilani, C., Wiese, A., Woodard, S., and Weiss, W.J., 2104. Determining the Moisture Content of Pre-Wetted Lightweight Aggregate: Assessing the Variability of the Paper Towel and Centrifuge Methods. In: 4th International Conference on the Durability of Concrete Structures, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 1–5.
    5. Behnood A., Ameri M., Saeedi, M., 2011. Investigation on the Rate of Leaching of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Recycled Asphalt Materials. In: 6 th national congress on Civil Engineering, Semnan, Iran.
    6. Behnood, A., Mansour Khaki A., 2011. Review of High-Friction Surface Technologies. In: 2 nd national Conference of Roadway, Railway and Aerial Accidents, Zanjan, Iran.

    *denotes presenting author

    Selected Reports

    1. McDaniel, R.S., Olek, J., Behnood, A., Magee, B., Pollock, R., 2014. Pavement Patching Practices. NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice, Issue 463, 86p. Link
    2. Behnood, A., Shah, A., McDaniel, R. S., & Olek, J., 2016. Analysis of the multiple stress creep recovery asphalt binder test and specifications for use in Indiana (Joint Transportation Research Program Publication No. FHWA/IN/JTRP-2016/07). West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University. http://dx.doi.org/10.5703/1288284316330