Purdue Actuarial Club

Education, Networking, and Recruitment

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The Purdue Actuarial Club is an organization that helps students to meet others pursuing the same major, and also provide resources for a successful future.


The club provides members with the opportunity to attend resume workshops, interview workshops, networking events, company presentations, and even social events with companies.


Members are also given the chance to interview with companies for internships or full-time positions.




2021 Officers

  • President: Shobana Iyer
  • Vice President: Danial Dzulkifli
  • Secretary: Ally Timko
  • Treasurer: Dylan Zellers
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Sam Muir
  • Senior Media Coordinator: Jacob Barry
  • International Liaison: Melissa Cai Shi
  • Events Coordinator: Yik Hang Koid
  • Public Relations: Brendan Moomaw
  • Junior Media Coordinator: Olivia Lake