Ali Ahmed Elghariani


PhD candidate 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office EE 350

Purdue University

West Lafayette IN

Phone: 764- 409- 8007





Ph.D.: Electrical Engineering, Purdue University West Lafayette IN, current student.
MS: Electrical Engineering, Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya, May 2008
BS: Electrical Engineering, Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya, May 2000


EE Department of Tripoli University,    LIBYA 




Research Interests:


Currently, I am working on reduced complexity symbol detection for wireless communication systems employing OFDM

technology in conjunction with symbol spreading for enhanced performance in multipath propagation.


Other interests that are incorporated in the current work are



Specific applications that we are working on are LTE standard for 4G wireless and MIMO-OFDM systems.

Examples of the some of the algorithm:

·         Implementation of Branch & Bound (BB)  Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM signal detection.

·         Combination of BB and M algorithm for MIMO with higher QAM constellation.

·         Implementation of low complexity BB search tree for code spread OFDM system.

·         Turbo MMSE Equalization for Spread OFDM signal Decoding.


Selected Publications:


1-  Ali Elghariani, Michael D. Zoltowski , “Turbo MMSE equalizer for spread OFDM signal detection”,  (Conference Proceedings) Proc. SPIE 8753, Wireless Sensing, Localization, and Processing VIII, 875308 (May 28, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2018188

2-  Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski  Low Computational Complexity Algorithm for Signal Detection in Wireless Communication System, 5th Annual Computational Science and Engineering Student Conference (CSESC) 2013, at Purdue University, West Lafayette  IN.

3-  Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski  Detection of code spread OFDM based on 0-1 integer quadratic programming” , IEEE MILCOM 2012. Orlando, Florida, USA.

4-      Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski, Partial Spread OFDM” Published: 03 May 2012 on Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 8404, 84040B · © 2012 SPIE conference Baltimore USA.

5-      Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski, “Branch& Bound Algorithm for code spread OFDM”, IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Conference in 2012. Ann arbor Michigan, USA

6-  Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski, “Branch and Bound with M Algorithm for near Optimal MIMO Detection with Higher order QAM Constellation”, IEEE MILCOM 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA.

7-      Ali Elghariani, Michael Zoltowski  Detection of code spread OFDM based on 0-1 integer quadratic programming” , Conference Record of the Forty Sixth  Asilomar Conference on Signals Systems and Computers (ASILOMAR), 2012, CA, USA.

8-      Ali Elghariani,  Mousa Mousa  “Real Time Measurements of Voice over  Internet Protocol (VoIP)  over multi hop fixed wireless Link,” Information Technology Conference (ITC) 2008, Tripoli-Libya

9-      Ali Elghariani, Abdulbaset Hamed, and  Mousa M.  Mousa '' Delay Analysis of VoIP over satellite, '' Forth  Libyan international conference on Electrical & Electronic Engineering (LAICEEE), March 2006, Tripoli Libya

10-  Mustafa El-Muradi and Ali Elghariani, “ Delay Time Optimization for Switching Speed Analysis,”  6th international Philadelphia engineering conference (IPEC 2006) , Sep. 2006, Amman- Jordan



Related Courses:


ECE544          Digital Communications

ECE538          Digital Signal Processing

ECE 580         Optimization Methods for Systems & Control

MA 504           Real Analysis

ECE642          Information Theory and Source Coding

ECE694          Introduction to graduate research

ECE 645         Estimation theory

ECE 678         Advanced Digital Communication

ECE697          OFDM Communications

ECE 639         Error Control Coding

EE 620            Random Variables & Stochastic Processes

EE 626            Telecommunication System Design




·         Recipient of IEEE MILCOM 2012 conference Student Travel Grant Award.

·         Recognition of outstanding academic achievement by Golden Key International Honour Society of Purdue University, Nov 2011.

·         Award recognition from Tripoli University for being from the top graduate students in the MS program, 2008.


Teaching Experience

·         Teaching Assistant (TA) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, Tripoli University (2005 – 2008).  .

·         Teaching Assistant (TA) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, Purdue University: ENG 132 (Summer 2012) , ECE 301 (Spring 2013), and  ECE 538 (Fall 2013).


Work Experience