Hello! I am Adil Ahmad

PhD Student
Dept. of Computer Science
Purdue University

Email: ahmad37 (attt) purdue (dottt) edu

About Me

I am a 3rd year PhD student with the Department of Computer Science @ Purdue University. I am being advised by Prof. Byoungyoung Lee. My primary research interests are in Systems and Security. My recent focus has been in the sphere of hardware-assisted trusted computing solutions such as Intel SGX and ARM Trustzone. I have worked on mitigating memory-based side-channels in Intel SGX using cryptographic primitives such as Oblivious RAM. My aim is to find exploits in trusted systems and develop subsequent defenses against these exploits.





(* means equal contribution)
(** An initial draft of this paper was referred to as "Obfscuro")


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Additional Contact

Other Email: adilahmad17 (attt) gmail (dottt) com
Office: G45, Felix Haas Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, U.S.A.