I am an environmentally passionate continuing education student at Purdue University. I completed 11 months of observatoin and student teaching of math classes at Frankfort High School (FHS). I give mental exercise prescription and instruction. I motivate students by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to pupils.

Problem solving is fun. If something is not fun, let's find the problem!

I use educational research methods for the STEM Goes Rural Fellowship of the Curriculum and Instruction M.S. program with a concentration in Mathematics Education at Purdue University. This where I develop my instruction expertise and extend my knowledge of learners. My program includes a series of focused observations at FHS and cognitive coaching experience with other STEM Goes Rural fellows.

I utilize my academic and professional experience to provide additional context for where mathematics is useful. I obtained my MS in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, where I modeled the economic impacts of international higher education capacity building projects, using statistics and numerical linear algebra techniques. My advisor was Dr. J. Lowenberg-Deboer.


Many thanks to all of the people involved in this program, especially the Director, Associate Director, my Professors, Mentor Teacher, Colleagues and my Field Coordinator. They have made this experience life-changing for me and I cannot thank them enough!


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Contact me at a (dot) ahmadi89 (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone: 606-356-7697