This FAQ is created to be a resource for people who think they may be interested in joining our club and studying Aikido, but would like to have some questions answered first. So, here are the things you wanted to know about the Purdue University Aikido Club, but were afraid to ask.


Q. How do I join the Purdue Aikido Club?

A. To join, simply come to our practices! You can either sit and watch at first or just join the fun. No previous experience is necessary. We go to great lengths to make sure that no one gets hurt, and we can accommodate different skill levels and body physique all at the same time.

Q. Who can be a member of Purdue Aikido Club?

A. Anyone. It is your responsibility to obtain a membership to the Recreational Sports Center (RSC) as we are a student organization and cannot provide those.

Q. Who is the instructor (Sensei) here at Purdue?

A. Andrew Weiner is chief instructor. Weiner Sensei holds a yondan rank in aikido (fourth degree black belt). He also holds nidan rank in judo. Prof. Weiner is on the faculty of Purdue’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Greg Buzzard is assistant instructor. Prof. Buzzard holds nidan rank in aikido (second degree black belt) and is on the faculty of Purdue's Department of Mathematics, currently serving as Head. Eduardo Toso, an undergraduate student who holds shodan rank in aikido (first degree black belt) also leads classes.

Q. With whom are we affiliated?

A. The Purdue Aikido Club is affiliated as a member dojo of Aikido Shimbokukai , an organization officially recognized by Aikido World Headquarters. We periodically arrange for training opportunities under the supervision of Aikido Shimbokukai Director Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei (6th dan), Chief Instructor of the Abiding Spirit Aikikai.

Q. What are the dues and when are they due?

A. Currently club dues are set at $50 per semester. Dues for established club members are due bythe end of the first month of the semester. New and prospective club members are given enough time to decide if they would like to join the club before they have to pay the dues.

Q. What are the dues used for?

A. Dues are used to cover costs of affiliation with our parent dojo and visits by external instructors and costs associated with travel for training outside of Purdue. Our instructors at Purdue do not receive any pay.

Q. Do I have to purchase a uniform (a.k.a gi or dogi)?

A. Not immediately. However, once you decide to stick with aikido, you should purchase a gi. These can easily be purchased on-line. See the instructor or other club members for recommendations.

Q. Will I have to purchase any training weapons or any other equipment?

A. Again, you don't have to purchase anything unless you want to. Some reasons for purchasing your own weapons are because you want to work out at home or just to have your own weapons to take to seminars for example. We have spare weapon sets (bokken/jo) in the club and there are enough of those for everyone most of the time.

Q. Are all of the practices mandatory?

A. Most of club members are students and school comes first. It is up to you to decide how much you want to practice. You will not be forced into Aikido. Practice as much as you can or want and other club members will help you improve. Obviously, however, the more you practice, the more rapidly you will improve.

Q. Do you practice year round?

A. We should. It depends on the RSC being open, especially during the holidays and break times and, of course, at least two club members being here at any given time.

Q. Are there any specific rules that regulate the behavior of students in the dojo?

A. Yes there are certain rules to follow and they are called dojo etiquette. Please follow this link for specific information.