Dealing with Unexpected Dining Situations

In a perfect world, everything would go smoothly during the dining process. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, you need to understand how to properly react if something does not go quite as expected. Remaining calm is the most important thing to remember because overreacting will only make matters worse, and the situation should be resolved with the least amount of distraction.

Food Caught in Your Teeth
If you happen to get food caught in your teeth, do not pick at it with your fingers. Also, do not use a toothpick at the dinner table. If the stuck food is really bothering you, you should excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom where you can dislodge the food from your teeth.

Food on Your Clothing
Unfortunately, sometimes you might accidentally spill food on your shirt or pants. If you find yourself in this situation, first try to use your napkin to blot the food off of your clothing. However, if you cannot take care of the spill with your napkin and you feel very self-conscience. Simply, asked to be excused and go to the bathroom to tend to the spill. If someone at your table spills food or drink on herself, offer your napkin and try to make the situation less awkward.

Dropping Your Silverware
If you should drop your silverware when dining, leave the utensil or utensils on the floor. Whenever your server next returns to the table, simply ask him for clean utensils.

Unpleasant Tasting Food
Occasionally, when dining in a professional setting, you may be served food that does not taste the best. In this situation, do not fuss or make a big deal about the food. If you are a guest, you could offend your host. Do your best to eat some of the meal being served. If you happen to taste something very unpleasant, do not spit the food out on your plate. Use your napkin to conceal the bite.

Just remember, in any unexpected situation, try to relax. You probably imagine happenings to be much worse than the reality.

What Would You Do?
What would you do in each of the following situations:

What if you forgot to turn your cell phone off before dinner, and unluckily, your phone started ringing during an important conversation?

After enjoying a delicious meal with professional colleagues, you accidentally burp. What should you do?

You have a terrible cold. At dinner, you suddenly sneeze and you really need to blow your nose. How should you handle this situation?

A server drops some plates causing a loud commotion. You really want to turn around and see what is happening. How should you conduct yourself?