Frequency Lowering Fitting Assistants

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 (NEW!) Frequency Lowering Amplification Master Class

(Includes tutorials on how to use each of the fitting assistants)

(NEW!) Speech Acoustics and Frequency Lowering


Speech Rescue Fitting Assistant (Oticon)

SoundRecover2 Fitting Assistant v2.0 (Phonak/Unitron, 2016-present)

SoundRecover2 Fitting Assistant v1.0 (Phonak/Unitron 2016-present)

SoundRecover Fitting Assistant v2.0c (Phonak/Unitron 2011-2016)

SoundRecover Fitting Assistant v2.0b (other Phonak CORE, 2008-2011)

SoundRecover Fitting Assistant v2.0a (Phonak Naída UP CORE only, 2008-2011)

Audibility Extender Fitting Assistant v2.0 (Widex)

Sound Shaper Fitting Assistant v2.0 (ReSound)

FCo Fitting Assistant (Signia)

Spectral iQ Technical Paper (Starkey)


Frequency Lowering Ten Years Later - New Technology Innovations

The Highs and Lows of Frequency Lowering Amplification

The Ins and Outs of Frequency Lowering Amplification

Frequency Lowering - The Whole Shebang


How to Use Probe Microphone Measures with Frequency-Lowering Hearing Aids

Individual Variability in Recognition of Frequency-Lowered Speech

s-sh Confusion Test Stimuli for Adults and Children


Experimental Amplification Research (EAR) Lab



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