Amanda Seidl, Ph.D.


Associate Professor
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences



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Contact Info.

Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Purdue University
B3A Heavilon Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47907
496-3127 (lab)

496-3863 (office) 

Current Research interests:

Can we locate precursors to language disorders such as ASDs or SLI in infancy? What is the role of complexity in language learning? How does language learning interact with other cognitive systems? We explore all of these sorts of questions in The infant speech lab at Purdue.


Selected Papers (please feel free to request a copy of any listed below)

Wang, Y., and Seidl, A. (in press). The learnability of phonotactic restrictions in onset and coda positions. Language, Learning, and Development.

Seidl, A. Cristia, A., and Onishi, K. (in press). Talker Variation Aids Infants’ Phonotactic Learning. Language, Learning, and Development.

Cristia, A., Seidl, A., Junge, C., Hagoort, P., & Soderstrom, M. (in press). Predicting individual variation in language from infant speech perception measures. Child Development.

Johnson, E., Seidl, A., and Tyler, M. (2013). The Edge Factor in Early Word Segmentation: Utterance-level Prosody Enables Word Form Extraction by 6-month-olds. PLoS One.

Danielson, K., Seidl, A., Onishi, K. and Cristia, A. (2013). The acoustic properties of bilingual infant directed speech, JASA-EL.

Cristia, A., and Seidl, A. (2013). The Hyperarticulation hypothesis of infant-directed speech. Journal of Child Language, 1–22.

Seidl, A. and Cristia, A. (2012). Infants' learning of phonological status. Frontiers in Psychology, 3, 448.

Cristia, A., Seidl, A., Vaughn, C., Schmale, R., Bradlow, A., & Floccia, C. (2012). Linguistic processing of accented speech across the lifespan. Frontiers in Psychology, 3, 479.

Cristià, A., & Seidl, A. (2012). Phonological Categories in Infant-directed Speech. Journal of Child Language.

Schmale, A., Seidl, A. & Cristia, A. (2012). Brief Exposure to a Non-Native Accent Bolsters Word Recognition, Developmental Science, 15, 732-738.

Cristia, A., Skoruppa, K., Pepperkamp, S., & Seidl, A., (2011). English-learning infants’ perception of word stress patterns. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Cristià, A., McGuire, G., Seidl, A., and Francis, A. (2011). Effects of the distribution of cues in infants’ discrimination of speech sounds. Journal of Phonetics.

Schmale, R., Hollich, G., and Seidl, A. (2011). Contending with voice and accent variability in early lexical acquisition. Journal of Child Language.

Cristià, A., Seidl, A., & Onishi, K. (2010). Indices acoustiques de phonémicité etd’allophonie dans la parole adressée aux enfants. Journées d’Étude sur la Parole.

Schmale, R, Cristià, A., Seidl, A., and Johnson, E. (2010). Developmental changes in infants' ability to cope with dialect variation in word recognition. Infancy.

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Seidl, A., Cristià, A., Bernard, A., and Onishi, K. (2009). Allophones and phonemes in infants' phonotactic learning. Language, Learning, & Development, 5, 191-202.

Schmale, R., and Seidl, A. (2009). Accommodating Variability in Voice and Foreign Accent: Flexibility of Early Word Representations. Developmental Science, 12, 583-601.

Johnson, E., and Seidl, A. (2008). A cross-linguistic perspective on the detection of juncture in speech. Infancy, 13 (5), 440–455.

Johnson, E., and Seidl, A. (2008). At eleven months, prosody still outranks statistics. Developmental Science, 11 (6), 1–11.

Cristià, A., and Seidl, A. (2008). Phonological features in infants’ phonotactic learning: Evidence from artificial grammar learning. Language, Learning, and Development, 4 (3), 203–227.

Seidl, A., and Cristià, A. (2008). Developmental changes in the weighting of prosodic cues. Developmental Science, 11 (4), 596–606.

Examples of stimuli from the paper: Unmodified clause & non-clause, pause clause & non-clause, preboundary lengthened clause & non-clause, flattened clause & non-clause

Seidl, A. and Johnson, E. (2008). Perceptual factors influence infants’ extraction of onsetless words from continuous speech. Journal of Child Language, 34.

Seidl, A. (2007) Infants’ use and weighting of prosodic cues in clause segmentation. Journal of Memory and Language, 57, 24--48.

Seidl, A. and Johnson, E. (2006). Infant word segmentation revisited: Edge alignment facilitates target extraction. Developmental Science, 9, 565-573.

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Soderstrom, M., Seidl, A., Kemler Nelson, D., & Jusczyk, P. (2003). The prosodic bootstrapping of phrases: Evidence from prelinguistic infants. Journal of Memory and Language, 49, 249-267.

Kirk, C. and Seidl, A. (2004). Perception and production of unfooted syllables: Implications for lexical representations. In A. Brugos, L. Micciulla, and C. E. Smith (Eds.), Proceedings of the 28th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (p. 318-327). Somerville: Cascadilla.

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Seidl, A. and Dimitriadis, A. (2002). Statives and reciprocal morphology in Swahili. In P. Sauzet and A. Zribi-Hertz (Eds.), Typologie des langues d’Afrique et universaux de la grammaire. Paris: L’Harmattan.


Seidl, A. (2001). Minimal indirect reference: A theory of the syntax-phonology interface. New York: Routledge.


Collaborators and students

Diane Brentari

Eugene Buckley

Alejandrina Cristià

Elizabeth Johnson

Kris Onishi

Rachel Schmale

Sharon Peperkamp

Melanie Soderstrom



Research in the Infant Speech Lab is supported by a grant from NSF and from funds from Purdue University.

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Research Areas
Language acquisition
African linguistics
Phonology-syntax interface
Phonetics-phonology interface



Other interests:

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