Knowledge and Reality: Essays in Honor of Alvin Plantinga,

eds. Thomas Crisp, Matthew Davidson, and Dave Vanderlaan (Kluwer Academic Press)

 List of contributors

William Alston, "Epistemology and Metaphysics"

Michael Bergmann, "A Dilemma for Internalism"

Richard Fumerton, "Epistemic Internalism, Philosophical Assurance and the Skeptical Predicament"

Jonathan Kvanvig, "Naturalism and the Value of Knowledge"

Trenton Merricks, "Split Brains and the Godhead"

Richard Otte, "Plantinga, Naturalism, and Self-Defeat"

John Pollock, "So You Think You Exist: In Defense of Nolipsism"

Michael Rea, "Naturalism and Value"

Eleonore Stump, "Substance and Artifact in Aquinas's Metaphysics"

James Tomberlin, "Actualism and Presentism"

Peter van Inwagen, "Properties"

Nicholas Wolterstorff, "Historicizing the Belief-Forming Self"

Keith Yandell, "Is Christian Materialism Viable?"