President: Johnny Zhang

Vice President: Michelle Shah

Secretary: Alex Weinberg

Treasurer: Stephen Truesdell

Director of Public Relations: Kevin Blum/Bobby Wilson

Director of Programming: Dan Rogers

Director of Professional Development: John Rauchenstein

Director of Mentorship: Kelley Riedy

Webmaster: Joel Sampson

Sophomore Representatives: Mike Etienne and Kara Krystowski

Welcome to Purdue BMES!


About Us

Purdue's biomedical engineering society is an undergraduate service and social organization that provides students opportunities for learning and growth. We do this by hosting guest lecturers and local professors who speak about the latest and greatest in the field, sponsoring and serving in local community service events, and recruiting biomedical companies to come speak about their company and job opportunities.


Upcoming Events

Basketball Tournament

Our Basketball Tournament is this Sunday March 24th 10am-2pm. It's not too late to enter!! Email Dan Rogers (rogers41@purdue.edu) if you are interested or have a team formed! The more people that play the more games we get to have! And there will be a mystery prize for the winning team!!

BMES Elections, Mentor/Mentee General Meeting

We will be holding a general meeting for all Mentors and Mentees on Tues. March 26th in MJIS 1001 at 6-6:30 pm. This meeting will be about wanting your input about the program and training for next year. Email Maggie (mwillenb@purdue.edu) if interested in becoming a Mentor if you are not already in the program.

Then from 6:30-7:30PM we will be having elections

If you are interested in running for BMES office, please send an e-mail to purdue.bmes@gmail.com with the positions you are interested in and your name. You can nominate either yourself or others for positions(up to 3). Please send these e-mails no later than MONDAY MARCH 26th!

Roche Company Visit

We will be visiting Roche Diagnostics on March 29th. Talk to Cindy Ferguson in the main office to sign up. There is a $10 Deposit, but you must have your money when you sign up! This would be a great thing to do even if you already have a summer job! There are 16 spots! Count 'em! 16! They will fill up fast! So sign up soon!! We'll leave Purdue at 11AM and return to Purdue by 5:30PM. Since it is a Friday, don't forget to contact professors if you need to miss a class! The deadline for signups is Fri. March 22!



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Please refrain from doing any homework during the lecture series and bring your ID!


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