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Prof. Lawrence W. Braile

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1397



Last updated: February 12, 2003


Matlab Codes (click on any of the following files to download; save in your Matlab work folder; see EAS 553 notes for additional information, program listings and examples):




refrin.m  Refraction (head wave) inversion for plane, homogeneous dipping layers using slope-intercept method.


refrdat.m  Sample data set for refrin.m.


txcurv.m  Calculate refraction and reflection times for n plane, homogeneous, dipping layers.


rfltim.m  Reflection times – needed by txcurv.


rfrtim.m  Refraction times – needed by txcurv.


angles.m  Snell’s law angle calculations – needed by txcurv.




txrefl.m  Reflection travel times for a layered model – exact times and one-layer approximations using Vave and Vrms.


rfltim.m  Reflection travel times (exact) using Snell’s law ray trace through layered model.


t2x2.m  T-squared, X-squared program.


txdat.m  Sample data for t2x2 program.


linfit.m  Least squares straight line fit program for t2x2.m.


txline.m  Line drawing function for t2x2.m.


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