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Earth Science Education Websites:



IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology), including the IRIS Education and outreach program, website including Seismic Monitor (near-real time location map of global earthquake activity), Event Search (an earthquake epicenter search tool for obtaining historic seismicity information), and WILBER (a tool for displaying and downloading seismograms).

Seismology – Resources for Teachers

List of reference materials for teachers (primarily grades K-12) with resource information for use in teaching topics related to seismology.  Resources include reference information (primarily books, scientific papers and pamphlets), maps, videotapes, slide sets, computer hardware/software, seismographs and databases.


Steve Malone’s (University of Washington) list of web sites related to seismology.

Seismology software from Alan Jones

Alan Jones’ computer programs (Seismic/Eruption, also called SeisVolE – an interactive earthquake and volcano plotting program; Seismic Waves – a program to illustrate seismic wave propagation through the Earth).  Also, AmaSeis and EqLocate software.


US Geological Survey

The USGS has many sites with earthquake, seismology and Earth science education information.  In addition to the main USGS page, see the Western Region earthquake site, the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) site, the Earthquake site and the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory (ASL) site.  The NEIC and ASL sites provide links to near-real-time seismic data that can be viewed online.

Seismological Society of America

The Seismological Society of America publishes two research journals and sponsors two scientific meetings each year and its web site includes links to seismology education materials and information.

Virtual Earthquake

An interactive earthquake location simulation that uses actual seismograms and the S-P travel time triangulation method.

Amateur Seismologist

AS-1 and AS-2 seismographs that are suitable for education and home seismology monitoring of earthquakes.

Southern California Earthquake Center

Research and Education and Outreach information from the Southern California Earthquake Center.


The Princeton Earth Physics Project (sponsors educational seismograph programs) home page.  Also see the Indiana University PEPP home page for information and data from the Indiana University and Purdue University PEPP programs.


National Institutes of Standards, Time and Frequency Division home page containing tools for accurate time synchronization.  The ACTS system allows one to periodically synchronize a computer clock to accurate UTC time.  To check the time, link to http://www.time.gov/.  An additional time synchronization tool is AboutTime.

Earth Anatomy

Information on a color poster that illustrates the structure of the Earth’s interior that is available from The Wright Center for Science Education of Tufts University.

EAS Home Page

Home page for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of Purdue University, including links to K-12 Earth science education information.

TASA Plate Tectonics CD-ROM

A CD-ROM containing information, illustrations and interactive lessons on plate tectonics.




Recent information and announcements concerning workshops, new materials and other news from Earth science education and the IRIS Education and Outreach Program.


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