about us

Our Leadership Team

Rodney Lynch: Pastor

Megan Posey: Intern

Katelyn Posey: President

Stacey Brittsan: Vice President

Alexis Pittman: Treasurer

Ahkiya Allen: Secretary

"The Found" is a place, but we're also a people. This is a place where we find we can live, study, worship, pray and even play together. It's a place where anyone can explore the mysteries of God's Good News for Creation and find their place in God's story. The people of The Found live with conviction and we are passionate about, and committed to, loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. We are people who take the Bible seriously and are not ashamed to bear the name of Jesus.

Creation as God Intended. Our faith and our beliefs influence our values, and who we are and what we do. We are students, staff, faculty, and friends of Purdue from numerous denominational backgrounds and religious traditions who want to follow Jesus and serve God with all of our being. As Jesus' disciples we value all people and all of creation and so our praxis is focused on restoring all people (ourselves included) and all things to God's original intent. But we can't do this by ourselves. First, we rest on the promise that God will help us. Second, we ask if you'd like to join us.

Our History - The Found was organized in 1948 from a Baptist Sunday School class that had been meeting with Purdue students since the early 1900's. Our full name is The Baptist Student Foundation at Purdue, Inc. and while our ministry is non-denominational, we remain affiliated with American Baptist churches of USA, Indiana & Kentucky, and Indianapolis.

What's a Baptist? - Since the 1600's, Baptists in America have a tradition of taking progressive stances on controversial issues. This has put us at odds with the religious establishment for centuries. However, we believe that in many cases history has shown us to have taken not only the correct position, but also the position that most honored the God whom we serve. In our very beginnings, American Baptists stood up for the separation of church and state which got us exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and labeled as heretics. We also fought for the abolition of slavery, which caused the Southern Baptist churches to divorce themselves from the rest of the American Baptists back in 1845. We believe that each of us has direct access to God through God's Holy Spirit, which gets us in trouble with pretty much any religious celebrity or demagogue who thinks they know what's best for us because only they have that direct line to God. Baptists are counter-cultural and we believe in the sanctity of life for all people.

Because of our commitment to Jesus' teaching to love our neighbors (whoever they may be), many people are surprised to find we are affiliated with Baptist churches. We really aren't anything like the closed minded, sheltered people who make the news. You can use these links to find more on American Baptist history, important American Baptist distinctives, and our main beliefs.

The Found's student organization is a member in good standing with Purdue's Dean of Students Office and we relate with many other organizations on campus and in the community. Most notably, we partner with Federated Church of West Lafayette, First Baptist Church of Lafayette, the Wesley Foundation, Food Finders Food Bank, Lafayette Urban Ministry and Habitat for Humanity.