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    Big Data; Applied Machine Learning; Computer Networks
    Cybersecurity; Cybersecurity Education; Computer Networks;
    IoT; Digital Forenscis; and other Emerging Technolgies.

    If you are a motivated and well-prepared student, please feel free to contact me to explore potential research projects.

  • NSF


    The goal of this project is to investigate if and how Representational Fluency and Model Eliciting Activities (MEAs) can be adopted in classroom to help learners master complex and difficult concepts and principles in cybersecurity. I am the PI of this fun project. More at https://va.tech.purdue.edu/cyberFM/

  • NSF


    This project will enable security professionals and students to “experience” examples or demos from virtualized computing containers accessible online." I am currently the project lead of this interesting project. To find more, please go to https://github.com/cheese-hub

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