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About us

Chauncey Cooperative House, established in 1937, is the longest running men’s house in the Purdue Cooperative System that promotes a family-like atmosphere and provides a valuable college experience. With a capacity of 22 members, Chauncey maintains a self-reliant and independent living environment throughout the school year. Chauncey is the best combination of affordable housing, leadership opportunities, and is conveniently located less than a five-minute walk from campus. It is the mission of Chauncey Cooperative House to produce young men of high character that, upon graduation, are prepared to enter the next stage of their lives both in academics and responsibility.

Who We Are

Chauncey Cooperative is an individually owned, self-governed, non-profit organization that is part of an internal organization with Purdue that is known as the Purdue Cooperative Council. Chauncey places the responsibilities of maintaining the house on all the members of the House. These responsibilities include meal preps, clean-ups, house jobs, and house hours throughout the semester. The house provides a total of 10 meals per week (Lunch and Supper 5 days per week) with food available for breakfast and on the weekends. The workload of preps and clean-ups is based on seniority so that members are rewarded for staying in the house throughout their career at Purdue. Chauncey prides itself on maintaining a GPA of around 3.0 and rewards members for doing well in classes by offering scholarships for high and most improved semester GPA. Chauncey also maintains study hours on a daily basis to allow members with a quiet time to work on schoolwork and study for exams.

Community Relations

Chauncey Cooperative prides itself on being involved in the surrounding community and abroad. It is located next to Tommy Johnston Park, which the members of the house helped save from apartment developers several years ago. The park was also renovated by the city of West Lafayette after the men voiced concerns and Chauncey Cooperative was awarded the West Lafayette Beautification Award for their efforts. Because the house was so instrumental in the continuation of the park, the members are honorary caretakers and help with routine upkeep. This includes raking leaves in the fall and picking up trash year-round.


In addition to taking care of the park, Chauncey sends money to the Sacred Heart Sponsorship Program. This program makes it possible for young children in Haiti to get an education and gives adults an opportunity to earn wages through projects done in conjunction with volunteers taking trips to the country. Chauncey sends yearly donations to the program that are sufficient for sending two children to school for an entire year.



New Membership

New members will go through New Member Orientation during the first 10-12 weeks of their fall semester. New Members must maintain a GPA of 2.25 or higher at the end of their fall semester. New members are expected to work alongside older members with meal preparations, bi-weekly house cleanings, and general care of the house. They will also be expected to perform several tasks throughout this time such as:

Study Hours- All members in the house as well as new members are expected to set aside at least 2 hours Sunday-Thursday from 7-9pm for study hours. This will help new members to adjust to the academic standards of Purdue University and meet the new member GPA requirements.

Kitchen Test- In order to maintain a clean, organized, and efficient kitchen all members need to know the specific location of dishes, equipment, and food. New member are expected to learn and will be tested on the layout of the kitchen and the locations of all items early in the semester.

Name Test- New members are expected to communicate with and learn about all other members in the house to help build friendly connections. New members will be tested on certain knowledge of other members such as their major, hometown, and years living in the house.


Housing Costs

Active Member/New Member

  • 10 meals per week with food provided on weekends
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Voting rights during house decisions
  • Suggested plan of living at Chauncey
$325/month - 4 months per semseter


  • 10 meals per week with food provided on weekends
  • Open spots depending on house availability
  • Can participate in house activities
  • Suggested for students looking for temporary housing (e.g. one semester)
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