Symbols & Insignia

Chi Omega's crest was adopted in 1902. Centered on the crest is the white carnation, with the Chi to the left and the Omega to the right of the flower. Above these symbols are both the skull and crossbones and the owl. Beneath the carnation are the five letters, Rho, Beta, Upsilon, Eta, Sigma. All emblems known and loved by Chi Omegas are surrounded by a laurel wreath, used in ancient times by the Greeks to honor scholars and heroes.

Chi Omega Badge
Chi Omega's badge is a monogram of the Greek letter Chi superimposed over the Greek letter Omega in raised gold. Set into the letter Chi are fourteen stones, always pearls or diamonds. Rho, Beta, Upsilon, Eta, Sigma are inscribed across the top of the letter Omega. On the right side of the Omega, the badge bears a skull and crossbones; on the left, an owl. The badge was designed by Dr. Charles Richardson, one of the founders. Only initiated Chi Omegas are permitted to wear the badge or crest.

Pledge Pin
Chi Omega's pledge pin is a black enamel oval edged with gold; the Greek letters Chi and Omega are found in the center.

Colors of Chi Omega
Chi Omega's colors are cardinal and straw.

Flower of Chi Omega
Chi Omega's flower is the white carnation. It was chosen for its pure, delicate whiteness and its rich, refreshing perfume.

Symbol of Chi Omega
The owl, an emblem on our Chi Omega badge, is the most recognizable symbol of Chi Omega.

Patron Goddess of Chi Omega
Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and civilization of the earth, is the patron goddess of Chi Omega Fraternity. She is the warm, generous, loving mother of nature who embodies the idea of womanly helpfulness and strength that is the mainspring of Chi Omega's teaching.

Official Flag of Chi Omega
Chi Omega's flag has five vertical stripes, three of cardinal and two of straw, extending from a wider horizontal cardinal bar at the top. Embroidered on this top is a stylized white carnation.

Chi Omega Seal
Chi Omega's seal, designed by Ina May Boles, has the head of our patron goddess Demeter in the center, the name of the Fraternity encircling it, and the date of the founding below. The outer edges are made in five uneven scallops.

Chapter charters are engraved on parchment and carry the names of the founding chapter members. Each charter is signed by the members of the Governing Council in office at the time the charter is granted.

Chi Omega's Open Declaration
"Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals"
This statement summarized the foundation of Chi Omega. Our members recognize the efforts and enlightenment of the Greek world, and they strive to maintain the values of a Judeo-Christian lifestyle.