Author FAQ

What kind of manuscripts does IJPBL accept?

First and foremost, IJPBL manuscripts must have a central theme that somehow includes problem-based learning. We accept manuscripts related to research, theory, and practice. No matter what type of manuscript, however, please note that IJPBL is an academic journal, and our reviewers and editors expect rigorous research, concise writing, and adherance to APA guidelines.

How do I submit a manuscript?

Please submit your manuscript online at this link. Please review the submission guidelines and be sure that you remove all identifying information from your submission.

I've submitted my manuscript. Now what?
You will receive an automated confirmation email that your manuscript has been received. Your manuscript will be pre-screened by a member of the editorial staff for suitability of content, correct formatting, and removal of identifiers. Once your manuscript passes the pre-screening, it will be sent out to at least 3 blind reviewers. The review process usually takes 2-4 months, depending upon our reviewers' turn-around time and the time of year (academic break periods are usually slow times for returned reviews).

How will I receive the decision about my manuscript?
You will receive an email when a decision is reached. This email will either include attachments or a link to attachments about your manuscript. You will receive an outcome letter, the reviews for your manuscript, and any notes or annotated manuscripts that may have been completed by our reviewers and/or editors.

What if I have other questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact the IJPBL editorial assistant, Chris Mong (

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Updated 6/5/2008