Purdue University, Department of Computer Science
Emerging Scholars Program

About the Program

College of Science has many programs at Purdue designed to help students excel personally and academically. The Computer Science Department, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, created this year a program for a special group of motivated students the Emerging Scholars Program. The goal of this program is to ensure students success as a CS major at Purdue University.

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is open to promising CS freshmen enrolled in PROGRAMMING WITH MULTIMEDIA OBJECTS (CS 177). It provides an opportunity to begin learning computer science in a challenging, but friendly environment. The student's advisor places the ESP students in a special small discussion section as a complement to the CS 177 course that will meet once a week in the fall semester. Each meeting is led by Team Leaders (undergraduate CS students who excel in the major) and involves working in groups on interesting problems designed to help students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the topics taught in class.

Emerging Scholars:

How to enroll:

You should discuss this option with your academic advisor during the freshmen registration called Day on Campus or contact undergrad-info@cs.purdue.edu.


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Fall 2006 Assignments