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Once merely the dream of seven aspiring women from Earhart Hall, Devonshire was established in 1997. Devonshire has an ideal location, at 1025 Sixth Street…less than a five minute walk to campus! The capacity of Devonshire is fifteen members, and as a result, close bonds are created as everyone gets to know one another. Because academics are important at Devonshire, members find a great system of scholastic support, as well as friendship.

At Devonshire Cooperative, sisterhood, academics, and leadership are the main focus. The members of Devonshire are also involved in many extra curricular activities on campus. The members enjoy activities such as formals, annual barn dances, trade dinners, Grand Prix week activities, football tailgating.

Two meal duties per week and approximately one hour of chores per week are required at Devonshire. Cable, DSL, wireless internet, free laundry, and many more benefits are offered at Devonshire Cooperative for around $400 per month. Members sleep in their individually decorated rooms along with one to three roommates. The University hazing policy is taken very seriously by all members. Pledgeship is an eight to twelve week period, which consists of weekly quizzes, a pledge project, serenades, and socials. The members of Devonshire invite you to take part in the experience of a life time that you will cherish long after you leave Purdue.