Collaborators, Past and Present

Daniel P. Aldrich, Northeastern University Political Science Dept

Ximena Arriaga, Purdue Psychology Dept

Mark Bernstein, Purdue Philosophy Dept

Damien Blasi, Harvard University Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Michael Brownstein, CUNY/John Jay College of Criminal Justice Philosophy

Anne Marie Clark, Purdue Political Science Dept

Rosalee A. Clawson, Purdue Political Science Dept

Chris Clifton, Purdue Computer Science Dept

• Thomas Cunningham, Kaiser Permanente West, Los Angeles

Cameron Curtain, Harvard University Human Evolutionary Biology

• Lacey Davidson, California Lutheran Philosophy Dept

Helen Davis, Harvard University Culture Cognition Coevolution Lab

Taylor Davis, Purdue Philosophy Dept

• Andreas De Block, KU Leuven

Serena Eng, UCLA Anthropology Dept

Luc Faucher, UQAM Philosophy Dept

Daniel Fessler, UCLA Anthropology Dept

Kevin Haley, UCLA Anthropology Dept

Erin Hennes, Purdue Psychology Dept

Joseph Henrich, Harvard University Human Evolutionary Biology

Patrick Hoburg, Purdue University Philosophy and Literature Program

Kevin Hong, Harvard University Human Evolutionary Biology

Jules Holroyd, University of Sheffield Philosophy Dept

Ivan Kroupin, Harvard University Culture Cognition Coevolution Lab

Seungyoon Lee, Purdue Brian Lamb School of Communication

Dan Linford, Purdue Philosophy Dept

Edouard Machery, University of Pittsburgh Dept of History and Philosophy of Science

Alex Madva, Cal Poly Pomona Dept of Philosophy

Ron Mallon, Washington University at St. Louis Philosophy Dept

Kelby Mason, Rutgers Philosophy Dept

Nicolae Morar, University of Oregon Environmnetnal Stuties and Philosophy Dept

Jennifer Nado, University of Hong Kong Philosophy Dept

Megan Sapp Nelson, Purdue Libraries

Mallory Parker, Purdue Philosophy Dept

Leigh Raymond, Purdue Political Science Dept

Kendall Roark, Purdue Libraries and Anthropology Dept

Erica Preston-Roedder, Occidental College Philosophy Dept

Arif Mohaimin Sadri, University of Oklahoma School of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science

Justin Seipel, Purdue Mechanical Engineering Dept

Stephen Setman, St. Bonaventure Philosophy Dept

Stephen Stich, Rutgers Philosophy Dept and RuCCS

Satish V. Ukkusuri, Purdue Civil Engineering Dept

Natalia Washington, University of Utah Philosophy Dept

S. Laurel Weldon, Simon Fraser Political Science Dept

Dennis Whitcomb, University of Western Washington Philosophy Dept

• For people, bibliographies, and syllabi related to the interdisciplinary field of empirical moral psychology, also check out the website for the Moral Psychology Research Group.

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