En-route Air Traffic Modeling and Strategic Flow Management Using Decomposition Method

Dengfeng Sun and Alexandre Bayen

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2007, Seattle, WA, Nov 3-7, 2007

Abstract: A new Eulerian-Lagrangian Cell Transmission Model for air traffic flow is developed on a graph-theoretic network flow model constructed from historical air traffic data. The predictive capabilities of the model are successfully validated against recorded air traffic data. A large-scale optimization problem of controlling sector aircraft counts over the National Airspace System is posed as a Mixed Integer Linear Program. The problem is solved using dual decomposition method.

Session title: Joint Session AAS/TSL: Air Traffic Management

Session chair: Michael Ball,Professor, University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of Business, College Park MD 20742, United States, mball@rhsmith.umd.edu

Session time: Tuesday Nov 06, 08:00 - 09:30