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Research interests: modeling, simulation and optimization of large scale networked systems, control and optimization, studies for National Airspace Systems, air traffic control, intelligent transportation systems.
Major areas:
  • Dynamics and Control
  • Aerospace Systems
  • Affiliated with:
  • Nextor II
  • Purdue's Signature Area for System-of-Systems
  • NEXTRANS (USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center)


    We gratefully acknowledge research support from the following sponsors.

    Project Description
    FACET as a Collaborative, Open Source UAS Research Platform
    Sponsor: NASA; with Dr. Jimmy Krozel (The Innovation Laboratory, Inc.) and Prof. Wei Zhang (OSU)
    NAS-wide modeling and simulation task for UAS integration into the NAS using FACET.
    A Tool for Coordinated Strategic-to-Tactical Traffic Flow Management
    Sponsor: NSF; with Prof. Yan Wan (UNT) and Prof. Sandip Roy (WSU)
    This project is focused on the comprehensive design and optimization of Traffic Flow Management capabilities at multiple spatial and temporal scales, and the consequent development of a prototype decision-support tool for coordinated TFM design that can be used by stakeholders in the Next-Generation Air Transportation System.
    See a list of past projects at the bottom of this page.

    Current Ph.D. students
    Current M.S. students
    Current undergraduate students
    Current visiting scholars / students
    Former Ph.D. students
    • Peng Wei, Ph.D., Purdue AAE, April 2013, now Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University.
    • Yi Cao, Ph.D., Purdue AAE, April 2013, now Data Scientist at Apple.
    • Ahmed Elmahdi, Ph.D., Purdue ECE, April 2014, now Application Engineer at Standard Electric Supply Co.
    • Christabelle Bosson, Ph.D., Purdue AAE, December 2015, now Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center.
    • Jun Chen, Ph.D., Purdue AAE, April 2018, now Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University.
    Former M.S. students
    • Meng Li, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2018, now software engineer at ASML.
    • Jiazhen Zhou, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2017, now Ph.D. student at Purdue AAE.
    • Jingyuan Liu, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2017, now Ph.D. student at the University of Western Ontario.
    • Ruixin Wang, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2015, now Ph.D. student at Purdue IE.
    • Avneet Hira, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2015, now Ph.D. student at Purdue ENE.
    • Jayant M Uppal, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2015, now Reliability Engineering Data Analyst at Thales.
    • Hao Wang, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2015, now Ph.D. student at Purdue AAE.
    • Le Gao, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2015, now Engineer at GE China aviation.
    • Jun Chen, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2014, now Ph.D. student at Purdue AAE.
    • Chiyu Zhang, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2014, now Ph.D. student at Purdue AAE.
    • Priyank Pradeep, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2013, now Avionics Systems Engineer at Innovative Solutions & Support.
    • Li Jin, M.S., Purdue ME, 2012, Ph.D., MIT, 2018. Now Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at New York University.
    • Shuo-Hsien Wang, M.S., Purdue AAE, 2011, now Software Algorithm Engineer at Isentek.
    Former visiting scholars / students
    • Xiaoqiang Tang, Tsinghua University, 2012-2013.
    • Julien Ponton, B.S., Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2012.
    • Kai Liu, Ph.D., Harbin Institute of Technology, Control Science and Engineering, 2009-2011.
    • Lili Wang, Associate Professor, Department of air traffic management, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin, China, 2010-2011.
    • Gregoire Spiers, B.S., Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2011.
    • Amine Meksoub, B.S., Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2010.
    (Some) former undergraduate students
    Mathematics Genealogy

    Recommended Readings (being updated)

    Past project Description
    Stream Management: A Concept for Dynamic Airspace
    Sponsor: NASA; with Prof. Steve Landry (PI, Purdue IE)
    The objective of this research is to develop and study an innovative concept for terminal airspace, whereby controllers manage streams of aircraft.
    Design and Evaluation of Conflict-Free Continuous Descent Approach under Normal and Heavy Traffic Conditions
    Sponsor: FAA; with Prof. Steve Landry (Purdue IE)
    Design and evaluate conflict-free Continuous Descent Approach under normal and heavy traffic conditions.
    UAS Integration into the National Airspace System
    Sponsor: NASA; with Prof. Dan DeLaurentis (PI, Purdue AAE), Prof. Inseok Hwang (Purdue AAE) and Prof. Bill Crossley (Purdue AAE)
    The objective of this research is to develop and study an innovative concept for unmanned aircraft system into the Nationa Airspace System.
    Operational Feasibility of Continuous Descent Approach
    Sponsor: FAA; with Prof. Dan DeLaurentis (Purdue AAE)
    Studies on fuel saving by Continuous Descent Approach. Implementation and evaluation of Operational Feasibility of Continuous Descent Approach using FACET.
    Optimized Traffic into Metroplex
    Sponsor: NASA; with Prof. Dan DeLaurentis (PI) and Prof. Steve Landry
    A metroplex is ``a group of two or more adjacent airports whose arrival and departure operations are highly interdependent.'' This research develops a Concept for Flexible Operations and Optimized Traffic into Metroplex Regions for determining the feasibility of utilizing a flexible flight plan to enhance airspace operational performance within the National Airspace System and to quantify the benefits of this concept.
    Environmental Issues in Traffic Flow Management
    Sponsor: Purdue Engineering
    Studies on environmental issues (particularly on contrails) in Traffic Flow Management.
    Multimodal Transportation System
    Sponsor: Purdue Engineering; with Prof. Srini Peeta (Purdue CE)
    Network modeling and optimization of Multimodal Transportation System; studies on integration and interaction of the multimodal transportation networks (supplier) with intermodal trips (demand).
    Nationwide Air Traffic Management
    Sponsors: NASA and Univ. of California
    Modeling, simulation and optimization for NAS-wide air traffic flow management. Application of disaggregation algorithms to convert flow-based air traffic management strategies to flight-specific air traffic control actions. Integration of modeling and optimization methods with FACET.
    Strategic Traffic Flow Models based on Data-Mining and System-Identification Techniques A new Eulerian model of airspace is derived and applied to high altitude traffic for a full Air Traffic Control Center of the National Airspace System. The Eulerian model is reduced to a linear time invariant dynamical system, in which the state is a vector of aggregate aircraft counts. The model is validated against ASDI data and applied to the Oakland airspace.

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