Kalman's naming conventions for the length-11 EQ theses

The following conventions for "naming" each of the 630 length-11 theorems of the classical equivalential calculus EQ first appeared in J. G. Peterson's The possible shortest single axioms for EC-tautologies, Report No. 105, University of Auckland, Department of Mathematics. They were later published as Appendix 1 of Kahlil Hodgson's Shortest single axioms for the equivalential calculus with CD and RCD, Journal of Automated Reasoning, vol. 20 (1998), pp. 283-316, where it is made clear that they are due to J. A. Kalman.
          Each theorem of EQ is named using a string of two or three letters. The last letter gives the order in which the sentential variables (two occurrences of p, two of q, and two of r) occur in the formula, and the preceding letter(s) give its "bracket type", that is, the positions at which the E's and the sentential variables occur in it.  The details are as follows.

Each length-11 formula is of the form E
αβ for some pair of formulas α and β.  If α and β are of the same length, the formula must be of one of the following four forms and its bracket-type is coded as shown:

T = EEExxxEExxx U = EEExxxExExx V = EExExxEExxx W = EExExxExExx

Otherwise, α and β are of different lengths. In that case, each of them must be of one of the following forms and the bracket-type of Eαβ is coded by the letter coding the bracket-type of α followed by the letter coding the bracket-type of β:
A = EEEExxxxx
B = EEExExxxx
C = EEExxExxx
D = EEExxxExx
E = EExEExxxx
F = EExExExxx
G = EExExxExx
H = EExxEExxx
I = EExxExExx
J = ExEEExxxx
K = ExEExExxx
L = ExEExxExx
M = ExExEExxx
N = ExExExExx
O = EEExxxx
P = EExExxx
Q = EExxExx
R = ExEExxx
S = ExExExx
Y = Exx X = x

Each 11-symbol theorem of EQ contains two occurrences of p, two of q, and two of r. Up to alphabetical variance, there are 15 orders in which these may occur.  The full name for the theorem in question is then given by following the code letter(s) for its bracket-type with the code letter for the order in which the sentential variables appear in it:
A = ppqqrr
D = pqpqrr
G = pqqprr
J = pqrpqr
M = pqrqrp
B = ppqrqr
E = pqprqr
H = pqqrpr
K = pqrprq
N = pqrrpq
C = ppqrrq
F = pqprrq
I = pqqrrp
L = pqrqpr
O = pqrrqp

ILLUSTRATION 1. What is the name of the formula EEEpEqrrEqp?
ANSWER.  It is of the form EEExExxxExx, and the letters in it occur in the order pqrrqp. Since EExExxx is of bracket-type P, Exx is of bracket-type Y, and pqrrqp is letter-order O, its name is PYO.

ILLUSTRATION 2. What is the formula whose name is YQJ?
ANSWER.  It's left-most part has bracket-type Y = Exx and its right-most part has bracket-type Q = EExxExx, so it itself has bracket-type EYQ = EExxEExxExx. The sentential letters occurring in it occur in the order J = pqrpqr. So YQJ is the formula EEpqEErpEqr.


vertical space
    AXA. EEEEEppqqrr
AXD. EEEEEpqpqrr
AXG. EEEEEpqqprr
AXJ. EEEEEpqrpqr
AXM. EEEEEpqrqrp

BXA. EEEEpEpqqrr
BXD. EEEEpEqpqrr
BXG. EEEEpEqqprr
BXJ. EEEEpEqrpqr
BXM. EEEEpEqrqrp

CXA. EEEEppEqqrr
CXD. EEEEpqEpqrr
CXG. EEEEpqEqprr
CXJ. EEEEpqErpqr
CXM. EEEEpqErqrp

DXA. EEEEppqEqrr
DXD. EEEEpqpEqrr
DXG. EEEEpqqEprr
DXJ. EEEEpqrEpqr
DXM. EEEEpqrEqrp

OYA. EEEEppqqErr
OYD. EEEEpqpqErr
OYG. EEEEpqqpErr
OYJ. EEEEpqrpEqr
OYM. EEEEpqrqErp

EXA. EEEpEEpqqrr
EXD. EEEpEEqpqrr
EXG. EEEpEEqqprr
EXJ. EEEpEEqrpqr
EXM. EEEpEEqrqrp

FXA. EEEpEpEqqrr
FXD. EEEpEqEpqrr
FXG. EEEpEqEqprr
FXJ. EEEpEqErpqr
FXM. EEEpEqErqrp

GXA. EEEpEpqEqrr
GXD. EEEpEqpEqrr
GXG. EEEpEqqEprr
GXJ. EEEpEqrEpqr
GXM. EEEpEqrEqrp

PYA. EEEpEpqqErr
PYD. EEEpEqpqErr
PYG. EEEpEqqpErr
PYJ. EEEpEqrpEqr
PYM. EEEpEqrqErp

HXA. EEEppEEqqrr
HXD. EEEpqEEpqrr
HXG. EEEpqEEqprr
HXJ. EEEpqEErpqr
HXM. EEEpqEErqrp

IXA. EEEppEqEqrr
IXD. EEEpqEpEqrr
IXG. EEEpqEqEprr
IXJ. EEEpqErEpqr
IXM. EEEpqErEqrp

QYA. EEEppEqqErr
QYD. EEEpqEpqErr
QYG. EEEpqEqpErr
QYJ. EEEpqErpEqr
QYM. EEEpqErqErp

TA. EEEppqEEqrr
TD. EEEpqpEEqrr
TG. EEEpqqEEprr
TJ. EEEpqrEEpqr
TM. EEEpqrEEqrp

UA. EEEppqEqErr
UD. EEEpqpEqErr
UG. EEEpqqEpErr
UJ. EEEpqrEpEqr
UM. EEEpqrEqErp

JXA. EEpEEEpqqrr
JXD. EEpEEEqpqrr
JXG. EEpEEEqqprr
JXJ. EEpEEEqrpqr
JXM. EEpEEEqrqrp

KXA. EEpEEpEqqrr
KXD. EEpEEqEpqrr
KXG. EEpEEqEqprr
KXJ. EEpEEqErpqr
KXM. EEpEEqErqrp

LXA. EEpEEpqEqrr
LXD. EEpEEqpEqrr
LXG. EEpEEqqEprr
LXJ. EEpEEqrEpqr
LXM. EEpEEqrEqrp

RYA. EEpEEpqqErr
RYD. EEpEEqpqErr
RYG. EEpEEqqpErr
RYJ. EEpEEqrpEqr
RYM. EEpEEqrqErp

MXA. EEpEpEEqqrr
MXD. EEpEqEEpqrr
MXG. EEpEqEEqprr
MXJ. EEpEqEErpqr
MXM. EEpEqEErqrp

NXA. EEpEpEqEqrr
NXD. EEpEqEpEqrr
NXG. EEpEqEqEprr
NXJ. EEpEqErEpqr
NXM. EEpEqErEqrp

SYA. EEpEpEqqErr
SYD. EEpEqEpqErr
SYG. EEpEqEqpErr
SYJ. EEpEqErpEqr
SYM. EEpEqErqErp

VA. EEpEpqEEqrr
VD. EEpEqpEEqrr
VG. EEpEqqEEprr
VJ. EEpEqrEEpqr
VM. EEpEqrEEqrp

WA. EEpEpqEqErr
WD. EEpEqpEqErr
WG. EEpEqqEpErr
WJ. EEpEqrEpEqr
WM. EEpEqrEqErp

YOA. EEppEEEqqrr
YOD. EEpqEEEpqrr
YOG. EEpqEEEqprr
YOJ. EEpqEEErpqr
YOM. EEpqEEErqrp

YPA. EEppEEqEqrr
YPD. EEpqEEpEqrr
YPG. EEpqEEqEprr
YPJ. EEpqEErEpqr
YPM. EEpqEErEqrp

YQA. EEppEEqqErr
YQD. EEpqEEpqErr
YQG. EEpqEEqpErr
YQJ. EEpqEErpEqr
YQM. EEpqEErqErp

YRA. EEppEqEEqrr
YRD. EEpqEpEEqrr
YRG. EEpqEqEEprr
YRJ. EEpqErEEpqr
YRM. EEpqErEEqrp

YSA. EEppEqEqErr
YSD. EEpqEpEqErr
YSG. EEpqEqEpErr
YSJ. EEpqErEpEqr
YSM. EEpqErEqErp

XAA. EpEEEEpqqrr
XAD. EpEEEEqpqrr
XAG. EpEEEEqqprr
XAJ. EpEEEEqrpqr
XAM. EpEEEEqrqrp

XBA. EpEEEpEqqrr
XBD. EpEEEqEpqrr
XBG. EpEEEqEqprr
XBJ. EpEEEqErpqr
XBM. EpEEEqErqrp

XCA. EpEEEpqEqrr
XCD. EpEEEqpEqrr
XCG. EpEEEqqEprr
XCJ. EpEEEqrEpqr
XCM. EpEEEqrEqrp

XDA. EpEEEpqqErr
XDD. EpEEEqpqErr
XDG. EpEEEqqpErr
XDJ. EpEEEqrpEqr
XDM. EpEEEqrqErp

XEA. EpEEpEEqqrr
XED. EpEEqEEpqrr
XEG. EpEEqEEqprr
XEJ. EpEEqEErpqr
XEM. EpEEqEErqrp

XFA. EpEEpEqEqrr
XFD. EpEEqEpEqrr
XFG. EpEEqEqEprr
XFJ. EpEEqErEpqr
XFM. EpEEqErEqrp

XGA. EpEEpEqqErr
XGD. EpEEqEpqErr
XGG. EpEEqEqpErr
XGJ. EpEEqErpEqr
XGM. EpEEqErqErp

XHA. EpEEpqEEqrr
XHD. EpEEqpEEqrr
XHG. EpEEqqEEprr
XHJ. EpEEqrEEpqr
XHM. EpEEqrEEqrp

XIA. EpEEpqEqErr
XID. EpEEqpEqErr
XIG. EpEEqqEpErr
XIJ. EpEEqrEpEqr
XIM. EpEEqrEqErp

XJA. EpEpEEEqqrr
XJD. EpEqEEEpqrr
XJG. EpEqEEEqprr
XJJ. EpEqEEErpqr
XJM. EpEqEEErqrp

XKA. EpEpEEqEqrr
XKD. EpEqEEpEqrr
XKG. EpEqEEqEprr
XKJ. EpEqEErEpqr
XKM. EpEqEErEqrp

XLA. EpEpEEqqErr
XLD. EpEqEEpqErr
XLG. EpEqEEqpErr
XLJ. EpEqEErpEqr
XLM. EpEqEErqErp

XMA. EpEpEqEEqrr
XMD. EpEqEpEEqrr
XMG. EpEqEqEEprr
XMJ. EpEqErEEpqr
XMM. EpEqErEEqrp

XNA. EpEpEqEqErr
XND. EpEqEpEqErr
XNG. EpEqEqEpErr
XNJ. EpEqErEpEqr
XNM. EpEqErEqErp
AXB. EEEEEppqrqr
AXE. EEEEEpqprqr
AXH. EEEEEpqqrpr
AXK. EEEEEpqrprq
AXN. EEEEEpqrrpq

BXB. EEEEpEpqrqr
BXE. EEEEpEqprqr
BXH. EEEEpEqqrpr
BXK. EEEEpEqrprq
BXN. EEEEpEqrrpq

CXB. EEEEppEqrqr
CXE. EEEEpqEprqr
CXH. EEEEpqEqrpr
CXK. EEEEpqErprq
CXN. EEEEpqErrpq

DXB. EEEEppqErqr
DXE. EEEEpqpErqr
DXH. EEEEpqqErpr
DXK. EEEEpqrEprq
DXN. EEEEpqrErpq

OYB. EEEEppqrEqr
OYE. EEEEpqprEqr
OYH. EEEEpqqrEpr
OYK. EEEEpqrpErq
OYN. EEEEpqrrEpq

EXB. EEEpEEpqrqr
EXE. EEEpEEqprqr
EXH. EEEpEEqqrpr
EXK. EEEpEEqrprq
EXN. EEEpEEqrrpq

FXB. EEEpEpEqrqr
FXE. EEEpEqEprqr
FXH. EEEpEqEqrpr
FXK. EEEpEqErprq
FXN. EEEpEqErrpq

GXB. EEEpEpqErqr
GXE. EEEpEqpErqr
GXH. EEEpEqqErpr
GXK. EEEpEqrEprq
GXN. EEEpEqrErpq

PYB. EEEpEpqrEqr
PYE. EEEpEqprEqr
PYH. EEEpEqqrEpr
PYK. EEEpEqrpErq
PYN. EEEpEqrrEpq

HXB. EEEppEEqrqr
HXE. EEEpqEEprqr
HXH. EEEpqEEqrpr
HXK. EEEpqEErprq
HXN. EEEpqEErrpq

IXB. EEEppEqErqr
IXE. EEEpqEpErqr
IXH. EEEpqEqErpr
IXK. EEEpqErEprq
IXN. EEEpqErErpq

QYB. EEEppEqrEqr
QYE. EEEpqEprEqr
QYH. EEEpqEqrEpr
QYK. EEEpqErpErq
QYN. EEEpqErrEpq

TB. EEEppqEErqr
TE. EEEpqpEErqr
TH. EEEpqqEErpr
TK. EEEpqrEEprq
TN. EEEpqrEErpq

UB. EEEppqErEqr
UE. EEEpqpErEqr
UH. EEEpqqErEpr
UK. EEEpqrEpErq
UN. EEEpqrErEpq

JXB. EEpEEEpqrqr
JXE. EEpEEEqprqr
JXH. EEpEEEqqrpr
JXK. EEpEEEqrprq
JXN. EEpEEEqrrpq

KXB. EEpEEpEqrqr
KXE. EEpEEqEprqr
KXH. EEpEEqEqrpr
KXK. EEpEEqErprq
KXN. EEpEEqErrpq

LXB. EEpEEpqErqr
LXE. EEpEEqpErqr
LXH. EEpEEqqErpr
LXK. EEpEEqrEprq
LXN. EEpEEqrErpq

RYB. EEpEEpqrEqr
RYE. EEpEEqprEqr
RYH. EEpEEqqrEpr
RYK. EEpEEqrpErq
RYN. EEpEEqrrEpq

MXB. EEpEpEEqrqr
MXE. EEpEqEEprqr
MXH. EEpEqEEqrpr
MXK. EEpEqEErprq
MXN. EEpEqEErrpq

NXB. EEpEpEqErqr
NXE. EEpEqEpErqr
NXH. EEpEqEqErpr
NXK. EEpEqErEprq
NXN. EEpEqErErpq

SYB. EEpEpEqrEqr
SYE. EEpEqEprEqr
SYH. EEpEqEqrEpr
SYK. EEpEqErpErq
SYN. EEpEqErrEpq

VB. EEpEpqEErqr
VE. EEpEqpEErqr
VH. EEpEqqEErpr
VK. EEpEqrEEprq
VN. EEpEqrEErpq

WB. EEpEpqErEqr
WE. EEpEqpErEqr
WH. EEpEqqErEpr
WK. EEpEqrEpErq
WN. EEpEqrErEpq

YOB. EEppEEEqrqr
YOE. EEpqEEEprqr
YOH. EEpqEEEqrpr
YOK. EEpqEEErprq
YON. EEpqEEErrpq

YPB. EEppEEqErqr
YPE. EEpqEEpErqr
YPH. EEpqEEqErpr
YPK. EEpqEErEprq
YPN. EEpqEErErpq

YQB. EEppEEqrEqr
YQE. EEpqEEprEqr
YQH. EEpqEEqrEpr
YQK. EEpqEErpErq
YQN. EEpqEErrEpq

YRB. EEppEqEErqr
YRE. EEpqEpEErqr
YRH. EEpqEqEErpr
YRK. EEpqErEEprq
YRN. EEpqErEErpq

YSB. EEppEqErEqr
YSE. EEpqEpErEqr
YSH. EEpqEqErEpr
YSK. EEpqErEpErq
YSN. EEpqErErEpq

XAB. EpEEEEpqrqr
XAE. EpEEEEqprqr
XAH. EpEEEEqqrpr
XAK. EpEEEEqrprq
XAN. EpEEEEqrrpq

XBB. EpEEEpEqrqr
XBE. EpEEEqEprqr
XBH. EpEEEqEqrpr
XBK. EpEEEqErprq
XBN. EpEEEqErrpq

XCB. EpEEEpqErqr
XCE. EpEEEqpErqr
XCH. EpEEEqqErpr
XCK. EpEEEqrEprq
XCN. EpEEEqrErpq

XDB. EpEEEpqrEqr
XDE. EpEEEqprEqr
XDH. EpEEEqqrEpr
XDK. EpEEEqrpErq
XDN. EpEEEqrrEpq

XEB. EpEEpEEqrqr
XEE. EpEEqEEprqr
XEH. EpEEqEEqrpr
XEK. EpEEqEErprq
XEN. EpEEqEErrpq

XFB. EpEEpEqErqr
XFE. EpEEqEpErqr
XFH. EpEEqEqErpr
XFK. EpEEqErEprq
XFN. EpEEqErErpq

XGB. EpEEpEqrEqr
XGE. EpEEqEprEqr
XGH. EpEEqEqrEpr
XGK. EpEEqErpErq
XGN. EpEEqErrEpq

XHB. EpEEpqEErqr
XHE. EpEEqpEErqr
XHH. EpEEqqEErpr
XHK. EpEEqrEEprq
XHN. EpEEqrEErpq

XIB. EpEEpqErEqr
XIE. EpEEqpErEqr
XIH. EpEEqqErEpr
XIK. EpEEqrEpErq
XIN. EpEEqrErEpq

XJB. EpEpEEEqrqr
XJE. EpEqEEEprqr
XJH. EpEqEEEqrpr
XJK. EpEqEEErprq
XJN. EpEqEEErrpq

XKB. EpEpEEqErqr
XKE. EpEqEEpErqr
XKH. EpEqEEqErpr
XKK. EpEqEErEprq
XKN. EpEqEErErpq

XLB. EpEpEEqrEqr
XLE. EpEqEEprEqr
XLH. EpEqEEqrEpr
XLK. EpEqEErpErq
XLN. EpEqEErrEpq

XMB. EpEpEqEErqr
XME. EpEqEpEErqr
XMH. EpEqEqEErpr
XMK. EpEqErEEprq
XMN. EpEqErEErpq

XNB. EpEpEqErEqr
XNE. EpEqEpErEqr
XNH. EpEqEqErEpr
XNK. EpEqErEpErq
XNN. EpEqErErEpq
AXC. EEEEEppqrrq
AXF. EEEEEpqprrq
AXI. EEEEEpqqrrp
AXL. EEEEEpqrqpr
AXO. EEEEEpqrrqp

BXC. EEEEpEpqrrq
BXF. EEEEpEqprrq
BXI. EEEEpEqqrrp
BXL. EEEEpEqrqpr
BXO. EEEEpEqrrqp

CXC. EEEEppEqrrq
CXF. EEEEpqEprrq
CXI. EEEEpqEqrrp
CXL. EEEEpqErqpr
CXO. EEEEpqErrqp

DXC. EEEEppqErrq
DXF. EEEEpqpErrq
DXI. EEEEpqqErrp
DXL. EEEEpqrEqpr
DXO. EEEEpqrErqp

OYC. EEEEppqrErq
OYF. EEEEpqprErq
OYI. EEEEpqqrErp
OYL. EEEEpqrqEpr
OYO. EEEEpqrrEqp

EXC. EEEpEEpqrrq
EXF. EEEpEEqprrq
EXI. EEEpEEqqrrp
EXL. EEEpEEqrqpr
EXO. EEEpEEqrrqp

FXC. EEEpEpEqrrq
FXF. EEEpEqEprrq
FXI. EEEpEqEqrrp
FXL. EEEpEqErqpr
FXO. EEEpEqErrqp

GXC. EEEpEpqErrq
GXF. EEEpEqpErrq
GXI. EEEpEqqErrp
GXL. EEEpEqrEqpr
GXO. EEEpEqrErqp

PYC. EEEpEpqrErq
PYF. EEEpEqprErq
PYI. EEEpEqqrErp
PYL. EEEpEqrqEpr
PYO. EEEpEqrrEqp

HXC. EEEppEEqrrq
HXF. EEEpqEEprrq
HXI. EEEpqEEqrrp
HXL. EEEpqEErqpr
HXO. EEEpqEErrqp

IXC. EEEppEqErrq
IXF. EEEpqEpErrq
IXI. EEEpqEqErrp
IXL. EEEpqErEqpr
IXO. EEEpqErErqp

QYC. EEEppEqrErq
QYF. EEEpqEprErq
QYI. EEEpqEqrErp
QYL. EEEpqErqEpr
QYO. EEEpqErrEqp

TC. EEEppqEErrq
TF. EEEpqpEErrq
TI. EEEpqqEErrp
TL. EEEpqrEEqpr
TO. EEEpqrEErqp

UC. EEEppqErErq
UF. EEEpqpErErq
UI. EEEpqqErErp
UL. EEEpqrEqEpr
UO. EEEpqrErEqp

JXC. EEpEEEpqrrq
JXF. EEpEEEqprrq
JXI. EEpEEEqqrrp
JXL. EEpEEEqrqpr
JXO. EEpEEEqrrqp

KXC. EEpEEpEqrrq
KXF. EEpEEqEprrq
KXI. EEpEEqEqrrp
KXL. EEpEEqErqpr
KXO. EEpEEqErrqp

LXC. EEpEEpqErrq
LXF. EEpEEqpErrq
LXI. EEpEEqqErrp
LXL. EEpEEqrEqpr
LXO. EEpEEqrErqp

RYC. EEpEEpqrErq
RYF. EEpEEqprErq
RYI. EEpEEqqrErp
RYL. EEpEEqrqEpr
RYO. EEpEEqrrEqp

MXC. EEpEpEEqrrq
MXF. EEpEqEEprrq
MXI. EEpEqEEqrrp
MXL. EEpEqEErqpr
MXO. EEpEqEErrqp

NXC. EEpEpEqErrq
NXF. EEpEqEpErrq
NXI. EEpEqEqErrp
NXL. EEpEqErEqpr
NXO. EEpEqErErqp

SYC. EEpEpEqrErq
SYF. EEpEqEprErq
SYI. EEpEqEqrErp
SYL. EEpEqErqEpr
SYO. EEpEqErrEqp

VC. EEpEpqEErrq
VF. EEpEqpEErrq
VI. EEpEqqEErrp
VL. EEpEqrEEqpr
VO. EEpEqrEErqp

WC. EEpEpqErErq
WF. EEpEqpErErq
WI. EEpEqqErErp
WL. EEpEqrEqEpr
WO. EEpEqrErEqp

YOC. EEppEEEqrrq
YOF. EEpqEEEprrq
YOI. EEpqEEEqrrp
YOL. EEpqEEErqpr
YOO. EEpqEEErrqp

YPC. EEppEEqErrq
YPF. EEpqEEpErrq
YPI. EEpqEEqErrp
YPL. EEpqEErEqpr
YPO. EEpqEErErqp

YQC. EEppEEqrErq
YQF. EEpqEEprErq
YQI. EEpqEEqrErp
YQL. EEpqEErqEpr
YQO. EEpqEErrEqp

YRC. EEppEqEErrq
YRF. EEpqEpEErrq
YRI. EEpqEqEErrp
YRL. EEpqErEEqpr
YRO. EEpqErEErqp

YSC. EEppEqErErq
YSF. EEpqEpErErq
YSI. EEpqEqErErp
YSL. EEpqErEqEpr
YSO. EEpqErErEqp

XAC. EpEEEEpqrrq
XAF. EpEEEEqprrq
XAI. EpEEEEqqrrp
XAL. EpEEEEqrqpr
XAO. EpEEEEqrrqp

XBC. EpEEEpEqrrq
XBF. EpEEEqEprrq
XBI. EpEEEqEqrrp
XBL. EpEEEqErqpr
XBO. EpEEEqErrqp

XCC. EpEEEpqErrq
XCF. EpEEEqpErrq
XCI. EpEEEqqErrp
XCL. EpEEEqrEqpr
XCO. EpEEEqrErqp

XDC. EpEEEpqrErq
XDF. EpEEEqprErq
XDI. EpEEEqqrErp
XDL. EpEEEqrqEpr
XDO. EpEEEqrrEqp

XEC. EpEEpEEqrrq
XEF. EpEEqEEprrq
XEI. EpEEqEEqrrp
XEL. EpEEqEErqpr
XEO. EpEEqEErrqp

XFC. EpEEpEqErrq
XFF. EpEEqEpErrq
XFI. EpEEqEqErrp
XFL. EpEEqErEqpr
XFO. EpEEqErErqp

XGC. EpEEpEqrErq
XGF. EpEEqEprErq
XGI. EpEEqEqrErp
XGL. EpEEqErqEpr
XGO. EpEEqErrEqp

XHC. EpEEpqEErrq
XHF. EpEEqpEErrq
XHI. EpEEqqEErrp
XHL. EpEEqrEEqpr
XHO. EpEEqrEErqp

XIC. EpEEpqErErq
XIF. EpEEqpErErq
XII. EpEEqqErErp
XIL. EpEEqrEqEpr
XIO. EpEEqrErEqp

XJC. EpEpEEEqrrq
XJF. EpEqEEEprrq
XJI. EpEqEEEqrrp
XJL. EpEqEEErqpr
XJO. EpEqEEErrqp

XKC. EpEpEEqErrq
XKF. EpEqEEpErrq
XKI. EpEqEEqErrp
XKL. EpEqEErEqpr
XKO. EpEqEErErqp

XLC. EpEpEEqrErq
XLF. EpEqEEprErq
XLI. EpEqEEqrErp
XLL. EpEqEErqEpr
XLO. EpEqEErrEqp

XMC. EpEpEqEErrq
XMF. EpEqEpEErrq
XMI. EpEqEqEErrp
XML. EpEqErEEqpr
XM0. EpEqErEErqp

XNC. EpEpEqErErq
XNF. EpEqEpErErq
XNI. EpEqEqErErp
XNL. EpEqErEqEpr
XNO. EpEqErErEqp

    Dolph Ulrich, 2007